Storstockholms Lokaltrafik (SL) repaints 2.0.0

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Package contains eleven (11) individual buses from SL traffic.

This package provides ten SL liveries for Sobol's MAN buses. Each repaint is replicated from actual fleet.

The following buses are included:

  • Keolis #7621 (A21 3D CNG EEV)
  • Arriva #6613 (A21 3D E6)
  • Keolis #4836 (A37 3D Hybrid EEV)
  • Arriva #6961 (MAN A23 GUE EF 3D E6)
  • Nobina #6565 (MAN A23 3D E3-E4)
  • Keolis #4050 (MAN A23 3D EEV)
  • Keolis #4061 (MAN A23 3D EEV)
  • Keolis #7200 (MAN A23 3D CNG EEV)
  • Keolis #4080 (MAN A23 3D E6)
  • Keolis #7208 (MAN A23 3D CNG E6)
  • Keolis #7218 (MAN A23 3D CNG E6)

Note: Arriva 6613 is probably not E6, but in reality it uses E6 front yet EEV coolers. So confusing!