Featured [OMSI 2] MAN Lion's City 1DTF Edition v1.2.1

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'MAN Lion's City 1DTF Edition V1.21' for OMSI2 by MR-Software


Remove other version first, then copy the "Vehicles" and "Font" Directory from the Archiv to the OMSI main directory, done.


Model by Gozek and Kamaz
Conversion: Kamaz and Redgunn
A few Scripts and Stuff by Frenzymax' NL Release, Voith 4Speed Script based by Poweredby CNG,
many Scripts by MR-Software and a few Stuff from the LiAZ_5256.26 Release, Rollman,
Busfanat, R4E, fw-online, TheVisitorX, Sven2540, kchrist and Julian

Engine Sound by Morphi
Repaints and Templates by Kamaz

Many thanks to all guys, who have helped with Sounds, Scripts and Images!


There are only HOF-Files for the OMSI-Vanilla Content, if you're using other Maps, you're need to copy whose files to the '[...]:\Omsi\Vehicles\Man_Lion_City\' directory!

Use only the Hubcaps-Version as AI(better performance)!

Changelog v1.2

- some minor fixes
- Vollmatrix by Busfanat added
- separate Version with Hubcaps
- BUSE Version removed

Changelog v1.21

- full OMSI2 compatibility

Have Fun,



  • MAN_LC_1DTF_Edition_V1_2_1.rar