Palma Mod 2021 1.1

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With the map Palma mod 2021 the player experiences the popular holiday region of the Spanish island and now also up to date.

¡Bienvenido a Mallorca!

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Have fun!



Viel Spaß!


  • 1.1

    Palma de Mallorca mod 2021

    (Version 1.1)

    Change log:

    • new line 18
    • new AI lines 27, 28
    • new short line 25
    • some bus stop names changed
    • actualized timetables
    • added two female Spanish voices (greetings)
    • other bug fixes
  • 1.0

    Palma Mod 2021 - Version 1.0

  • Do you know why isn’t it working with OmniNavigation ? I have updated it with the new version 1.1.0 but still not working

  • Where are the Hofdatei?

    • Die Hofdatei findest du in Vehicles\EMT_Citaro\PMI_2Palma.hof. Der Name der Hofdatei für Shuttles ist Palma Shuttle.hof.

    • Bei mir ist sie da nicht

    • Wenn du die Datei heruntergeladen und extrahiert hat, ist sie vorhanden. ;-)

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    • Bei mir sind nur folgende Ordner vorhanden: maps, option_presets, Sceneryobjects, Splines und Ticktet Packs.

    • Ich habe eben noch einmal die Datei heruntergeladen. Der Ordner Vehicles ist vorhanden.

  • Can You Help me? I will play the Map, he didn´t Load because she not found the File Lastnt.osn, have you a solution?

    • Select "Load map without busses" at the start screen. ;-)

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    • Thanks, Why i must load the Map without busses?

    • Thanks the map are be loading

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    • "Load map without busses" does not mean that there will be no ai-busses, but the last situation will not be loaded, and your own bus is not placed.

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    • Hello, I dind't find the Hof File, can you tell me where I find it?


  • Hi JJB, it seems the link for the CNG Citelis is not working. It appears the whole OMSI2 mods website is down for some reason.


    • Thanks for your answer! I have updated the link. If you have more troubles, please write!