Heuliez GX 327 (Grand Paris-Moulon) - Les Cars Vier (leasing) repaints 1.0.0

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Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License (WTFPL)
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Current v2.3.x
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Grand Paris-Moulon (Info)

Les Cars Vier (leasing) repaints for the Heuliez GX 327 included in the Grand Paris-Moulon AddOn.

when I looked at the GX 327 in grand Paris-Moulon, I thought to myself "why is there no variant for Les Cars Vier when the C2 does ?". Plus there's a Les Cars Vier version hidden in the files. So I did leasing repaints , for the Keolis variant (but can be applied to the Transdev Les Cars Moulon variant without any problems).

NOTE - if you want the AC to be white and not grey on the repaints , add the following line at the bottom of the Textur-Changes section in in Model_GX327_2p_KEM.cfg (or Model_GX327_2p_TCM.cfg if you want the repaint on the Transdev variant):