Lights modification for the Iveco Interurban Family DLC + license plate 1.0.0

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IVECO Bus Family - Interurban Generation (Info)

A little modification on the lights for the Iveco DLC

Compatibility: v. 1.00/1.01

This mod is a modification for the front lights.

Before installing, please make a backup of the .cfg models, lights.osc, lights_varlist, cockpit.osc files (in case something goes wrong, you can always restore the previous files).

I have added some texture for the stand lights (on the roof) and the DRLs, and I also changed some colors (endarkened the blinkers, now they are a little bit darker; total white fog lights).
The script has been modified in order to make the DRLs work properly (they will light on when you press the E button and will shut down when you cut the electricity)

The second modification is the license plate, now it can be directly written in-game without getting the French-generated one.

This mod was authorized by Kescrole (and Halycon); reuploading and redistributing it is strictly forbidden.

NB: not compatible with "Horn Switch Mod" published by IV_Crossway -> follow the tutorial on the Horn Switch mod's page

Enjoy! :D

  • Hi, how I should remove license plates ?

    • What do you mean?

      I didn't try yet the new update but according to the changelog, now the user can set a custom license plate via setvar without using my mod.

      I made this mod before the 1.01 version was released, when the user couldn't type the plate.

    • okay

    • Hi,

      I defined my custom license plate but on my custom license plate i see a ''1001'',''1005''. I do not know how to explain

    • Sounds a little bit strange.
      You need to type it in the license plate box when you are spawning the bus.

      Try to do this:

      Install the mod, including the cockpit.osc file. Then open the repaint you would like to use and clear the plate from any type of character (just leave it blank), save it.

      Open the game and try to type the plate in the box I mentioned you before.
      If I'm not wrong, 1001 and 1005 appear when you leave that box empty

    • Ok I'll try :)

      It works ! Thanks !