Cars Sœur Nedroma Ex BVB Wagen 8523 - Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelift G 1.0.0

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Real Ex BVB Nedroma Cars Sœur Group (from ile de france region) repaint for the O530 Facelift G 3 doors

Livrée réel Ex Berlin du groupe Nedroma "Cars Sœur" pour le Mercedes-Benz Citaro Facelift G 3 portes.

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(old version of the bus irl) picture : Tidiane.B :

and actual : picture by Dam's Labourier (rip my friend repose en paix damien)


  • BVG doesent have any Facelift G's.

    • I don't know the other berlin bus operators,

      in france we say this bus from the BVG.

      it probably comes from an operator like dr hermann or hartmann i don't know

    • BVB was the only operator with Facelift G. Thanks me later.

    • but here is the catch. mercedes was intended to give the bvg an facelift version, but the bvg never took it. There are some pictures back in 2006 of this bus standing in the whole bvg version in Mannheim :) after that the bus was sold to polska, but if its this bus, i am not sure. it could be an bvb version

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