Heuliez Bus GX107 V2 1.0.1 Bis

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After 2 months of silence, here I am again with a new well-known mod.

Hi there

After 2 months of silence while taking a break, I allow you to release a famous mod taken over and completely redone by me and this is a famous one ( Heuliez GX107 ) in version V2 based on my network ( TUL Laval ) and then another version spontaneous with a different disposition. This mod includes Setvars such as: Vis_Plaque/Vis_Support/Vis_Armchair/Vis_Pub/Vis_Matrix.........

Objects have been carefully modeled by me in person such as the driver's cabin as well as the dashboard and of course the seats and much more.

I hope this mod will make you happy enough by combining the useful with the pleasant.

Integrated repaints: TUL Laval 96/PDO Retrofit/Skybus


- Engine Sounds

- Optimized templates

- A template arranged in 3231X2600

- 3D Modeling

- Modeled seats

- Modeled ADAD button and totem

- A new dashboard as well as better improved lights

- Script rework


- TheFMrr

- Bryan Nirlo

- HugoMctv

- LBR114

- Klarky


  • 1.0.1 Bis


    Hi there. This is a patch that fixes some minor bugs such as: Driver View, Far Right and Left Views and Mirror Views).

    Another bug that has also been fixed is the Warning button sinking into the panel. Good game everyone.


    Bonjour à tous. Il s'agit d'un correctif qui corrige quelques beugs mineurs tels que : vue du conducteur, vues d'extrême droite et de gauche et vues miroir).

    Un autre beug qui a également été corrigé est le bouton ( Warning ) qui s'enfonce dans le panel. Bon jeu à tous.


  • 1.0.1

    Here is a first beta of V2. Please feel free to give me feedback.