Repaint Cityclass 10M ANM Aggiornamento 1.0.1 cityclass anm (Repaint)

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Do What the Fuck You Want to Public License (WTFPL)
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Current v2.3.x
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Additional version notes
Repaint della nuova livrea Napoletana vestita dal Cityclass di Anm Napoli versione 1.0.0
Repaint of the new Neapolitan livery dressed by the Anm Napoli Cityclass version 1.0.0

Repaint a cura di TPL_SUD ITALIA Riproducente la livrea vestita dai cityclass 10m E. i di anm Napoli. Repaint by TPL_SUD ITALIA Reproducing the livery dressed by the cityclass 10m E. i of anm Napoli.

Repaint del cityclass 10m E. di Anm Napoli nella nuova livrea adoperata a partire dal 2012 dalla azienda Napoletana .

Repaint of the cityclass 10m E. of Anm Napoli in the new livery used since 2012 by the Neapolitan company.