Changes until 15 May 2020

New features

  • [Ranks] The displayed rank can be selected manually (via "Edit Profile").
    An OMSI expert can, for example, be displayed as a blue OMSI modder (provided he or she also has this rank). Basic idea behind this: If you want to take a vacation, you can "disguise" yourself as a regular user (temporarily).
    By the way: AEROSOFT® got its own rank for optical highlighting.
    Notice: As far as you have made use of this function once and then ascend to a higher rank, you have to set the rank yourself!
  • [Absence] You can choose to answer when you're absent, with an optional auto-reply that indicates your absence during conversations.
    Please do not use this function for small things ("school", "dinner", "go lay an egg", ...), but for actually longer absences (stay at school, assembly work, further education, exams and preparations etc.)
  • [Conversation/Sound] A sound is played during an unread conversation.
    You can change this sound in your Control Center > [Settings] General into two more sounds and also deactivate them. For newly registered users this function is deactivated by default.
  • [Thread] Topics can be rated from 1 to 5. (This function is only activated in some forums [e.g. in the upper right corner of a thread by clicking on a button])
  • [Thread] Topics can be ignored (see top right of this topic). [Proposal]
  • [Conversation] Messages can be marked (for yourself as a reminder) back to Unread.

Returned functions

  • [Ticket] Our support ticket system is back.
    The basic idea behind it is to support security-related topics, copyright notifications, account problems etc. etc. "in private".
  • [Steam] The registration and login via Steam is back.
    But that's not all: Your profile also shows your Steam status (yes, even which game you're currently playing) as well as your last played and all game titles in your possession.
    You can control what you want to show publicly via the Control Panel > [Settings] Privacy.

Other changes

  • [Style] The Team Page has been graphically redesigned.
  • [WebDisk] Added several AddOn's to the list "required commercial extensions".
  • [Style] Several new styles have been added including a "Dark Mode".
    Style selection is possible via Control Center > [Settings] General or alternatively on the bottom right of each page (directly above Aerofoft & Steam logos) by clicking on Change Style.
  • [Profile field] Favourite bus for OMSI and reality included. [suggestion]
  • [Profile field] First name can be entered optionally and is displayed in the sidebar of a thread [suggestion].
  • [Forwarding] The "You are leaving..."-page can be disabled. [suggestion]
    Deactivation via Control Center > [Settings] General.
  • [Fixes] Various bug fixes for reported errors. [see Archive]

...what else?

Various things, both minor bugs (especially in styles, but nothing serious) and wishes/suggestions are still on hold. I just want you to see that there is a lot of work going on behind the scenes, before I take a break from the technical stuff this weekend.

PS: Due to inquiries á la "How can I do something good for you personally, @Wörki" he added the paragraph "Private Obolus zustecken" in his profile. He strictly separates the OMSi WebDisk and his private assets. This should prevent further questions of this kind.