News from 3 May 2020

Hello, everyone,

To ensure that the move goes as smoothly as possible, the server environments were quickly brought up to date. Especially noteworthy is the update of PHP from 7.2 to 7.4, which - according to the benchmarks - even brings an increase in performance (even if it's minimal, but that adds up in the end). So much for the motto "Never touch a running system". lol

Nevertheless, the one or other installed plugin can now cause trouble, because it was programmed according to the old syntax and therefore now has incompatibilities. It already started with the steam login, where the plugin author also failed during uninstallation (thanks again to Ralf_K. - the problem was fixed snappy).

Some of you now have to request a new password who used the Steam-Login (or, if you are still logged in, change your password via Control Center > [User Account] Account Management.

We'd better find all the bugs now, before the whole forum and WebDisk system including the servers is turned upside down; otherwise something else will blow up in our faces...

Some plugins are already known to have been adapted to the new version of the system ("core") and are incompatible, i.e. they have to be uninstalled first and reinstalled after the system upgrade (in improved and adapted versions). In any case, the whole system upgrade won't be as profound as it was during the "reboot", little or nothing will change in terms of application and appearance.

Now dear OMSI friends, rock the house and report (especially) system errors in the forum WebDisk System Errors & Problems (except for the bizarre editing error, which is well known and for which there is no solution yet).