⏏️ FAQ and hypothetical scenarios

How long is the OMSI WebDisk going to exist?

We do not plan a turn down of OMSI WebDisk. Our latest actions - the platform upgrade with new licenses and state of the art software - shows the exact opposite. Thanks to everyone who donated for the upgrade costs. 40 percent of the costs have been paid off by your donations. <3

What happens if the current operator quits?

The current operator of OMSI WebDisk is going to search for a new operator together with the OMSI-developers and the publisher. Current co-operators are favoured because they already know the system, the game and the users best. There will be no near-term shut down. If no new operator can be found, there will be a notification via our forum as well as via e-mail. From then, a period of 30 days is provided for all authors to make backups of their uploaded files.

Why is the download speed so unstable?

The OMSI WebDisk consists of one single server. Like your home broadband internet access, our server capacity is limited.

Commercial file hosters that run whole datacenters

  • have commercial memberships (you need to pay for downloading full speed)
  • have annoying advertisments
  • delete your uploads after a certain time of inactivity.

OMSI WebDisk, in the opposite,

  • is free (you pay absolutely nothing)
  • is without advertisments (with the exeption of small banners)
  • has no inactivity limits

This comparison shows that our services differ from established hosts in particular concerning our income. Additional capital (e.g. for a server farm) is missing. But as long as there are only a few load peeks, we try to keep the operating costs low.

Our expirience from year 2013 (start of the WebDisk platform) has proven that there is only little willingness to donate within the community. The founder and operator of OMSI WebDisk still spent a majority of the costs.

How large can the uploaded files be?

We have set a upload file size limit of 525 MB which equals 500.679 MiB in binary notation shown in Windows. Users in the user group "OMSI-Modder" are allowed to upload files up to a limit of 1.08 GB (1080 MB) which equals 1.006 GiB (approximately 1030 MiB) in Windows.