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    Textures are image files that are applied to surfaces (splines, objects, buses, signs, etc.).

    1. File formats

    OMSI accepts the following file formats without transparency:

    The Portable Network Graphics (.png) format is not recommended because of occasional display errors and error messages.

    2. File size

    It is recommended to select both length and width in 2n format (from the number series 1, 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048, 4096, ...), but the texture does not necessarily have to be square. A 64x2048 (e.g. for pipes) or 1x1 texture (for single-coloured surfaces) is also possible.

    Folder structure

    Wherever textures are used, they are usually located in the subdirectory texture. If OMSI doesn't find a specified texture in this folder for objects or splines, it will be stored instead in the OMSI directory in the Texture. This is helpful if there are duplications of textures in objects and splines, which then only use a common path. Subfolder/subfolder specifications for the respective paths (..\Overfolder\file or Subfolder\file) are also possible.

    If, for example, the texture MapABC\Asphalt2.dds is referred to by the spline file OMSI 2\Splines\ProjectABC\Street2.sli, OMSI searches for this texture in OMSI 2\Splines\ProjectABC\MapABC\texture\Asphalt2.dds and in OMSI 2\Texture\MapABC\Asphalt2.dds. For .objects, this can also be changed by adjusting in the .x file before the import (the textures are located at the end).

    3. Seasons

    To change the texture depending on the season, the following subfolders can be relative to the actual texture:

    • The WinterSnowfall subfolder contains snow textures for roads (if there is only a little snow, the surface remains cleared).
    • The WinterSnow subfolder contains snow textures for pavements and everything else.
    • Spring - Spring
    • Summer - Summer
    • Fall - autumn
    • Winter

    The texture must be named exactly like the original texture and also have the same file extension.

    4. Surface structure

    For objects and splines, the surface can be modified so that shaking noises and movements occur when a player vehicle drives over it.


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