Rocar De Simon pack

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  • Type of project: (Bus)

    Name of project: Rocar De Simon family

    Involved persons: Renault_Safra_ER100, alexredx, KajotT3D

    Estimated full-version release time: Nov-Dec 2020.

    Help needed: no, so far

    Details: A break from the German buses presented around here and also the first (partially) Romanian bus in OMSI. :)

    This bus was produced by Rocar (for many years the only Romanian bus manufacturer) between 1995 and 2003, based on a De Simon-licensed body. Although the Italian flavour is obvious, bearing resemblances with the ubiquitous Inbus U210FT, the Romanian-made versions had significant differences given by the German-sourced components (such as the MAN D0826LUH engine, the Voith D851 transmission) and domestic ones (the flip-dot matrix and announcement system). Around 370 buses were made in the 8-year course, the vast majority of them (340) ending up at RATB (Regia Autonomă de Transport București - Bucharest's public transport operator). The last of these were withdrawn in august 2011.

    This mod is intended to recreate the most known versions of the bus. The first one will be the most wide-spread, U412-260. Other derivatives are planned and will be shown at the right time.


    Below is a chronologic sequence of screenshots representing the bus in various building stages.

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  • It looks very nice!

    Just to know, are you also going to do the Italian version?

    Better to be silent and look stupid, rather than talking and remove all doubt.

    (In the original language sounds better that english, but the concept is the same ...)


  • Thanks!

    Sadly there will not be an Italian version in a foreseeable future. My aim in OMSI is centered around buses that had significance in Romania, as our country isn't almost at all represented in the simulator (with the notable exception of a Bucharest repaint on the Busotto), and more specifically finishing this current project.

    As of the original Inbus, "phaiderikos" from the MOF (I'm not sure if he has a WebDisk account) started a long time ago the Siccar 176 (or 177?) based version. Unfortunately, he was unable to continue it due to many (I suppose including personal) reasons. If he, an Italian that is fortunate enough to still enjoy the sight of such buses "in flesh and bones", put the project aside, then I, a Romanian from a country that had exactly one second-hand Inbus many-many years ago and 99.99% surely scrapped by now, don't stand a chance to do it on my own (mainly due to lack of proper support photos; which is why the Rocar was made at an otherwise fairly good eye approximation, as the only surviving example that I could've reached is derelict beyond hope and to find a running one I had to travel at least 400 km and be granted access in the depots, which is difficult around here if you don't know the right people, plus my lack of time). Should he ever resume working on this project, I would gladly give him a helping hand.

  • The beta version of this project has been released!
    Rocar De Simon U412-260

    Known bugs:

    - the left mirror shows a reversed reflection;

    - there is a panel gap at the front right corner;
    - the engine sounds over 1500 RPM are laggy

    - the headlights sometimes get "attached" to the wipers.

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    Added the Label Vehicle
  • Since the release of this project in v0.7 BETA, many things have been added or changed. All the bugs in the previous post (and some more I found later on) were fixed, many sounds were fully replaced, passenger positions were corrected and more real-life functions have been scripted (i.e. roof hatches, audio announcements, kneeling), making the bus (almost) a full representation of the original.

    Next in line: improving textures, re-scripting the matrix console and adding the 3-step retarder.

  • The project is going forward. I have overhauled many sounds (engine, doors, brakes) which will add to an even more immersive gaming experience while driving this bus. In the meantime, here's a throwback to november 2019, when the project had just been exported to Omsi.

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  • Yes, I'm still alive.

    Yes, the project is still going, and getting closer and closer to its release.

    The matrix control, announcement, suspension and door scripts have been overhauled (the former 2 thanks to MihAMi02 ).

    Geometry was improved (including textures), as well as several sounds.

    The number of repaints/setvars has doubled since the beta release. Here's just an example (still WIP), true to the original.