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    I have a problem with the map "Eberlinsee".

    When I select a tram, it put it in some train tracks, regardless of the entries that I had choose .


    What can I do?

    Map: Podmiejska

    Bus: Man Lion's City A21 CNG E4

    Repaint: SPA Klonowica #1520 (Already included in the bus folder)

    Linie: 201 (going to Orłowo Centrum to start the service direction Borki Dworzec PKP)


    I have a problem about form 3 month: 2 "splines" change color.

    This it become light grey...

    And in this the "squares" it become smaller

    In origin:


    how can I make it come back as it was originally?

    Thank you in advance for you asnwer(s)

    Here is it

    Bus: Solaris Urbino 12 III (suburban version)

    Linie: 8AE

    Unternehmen: Actv (Azienda del Consorzio Trasporti Veneziano)

    Datum: 26/10/2016

    Platz: Marcon endstation (buslinien 8AE, 9, 14E, 19 and 9s )

    Foto von mir gemacht

    Map: Wien 1 (24A - 2005)

    Bus: Gräf & Stift - Steyr NL 205 M12

    Wagen 8972

    Linie: 25A (Ai) Süßenbrunner Platz - Kagran U

    Other buses:

    Linie 24A Neueßling - Kagran U - Neueßling