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    > | Grundorf_re2019

    I've installed the map Grundorf_re2019, but I can't find these nowhere (see to the "code") objects, not even after installing the necessary add-ons.

    Someone could say me where I can find these objects? Thanks in advance who will answer me.

    Good morning/afternoon/evening,

    I have a problem with the map Jaroszewo - Wilczyn Jezioro. I tried to open it in the editor to add an Entrypoint, but when I choose the map in the editor, I only can see a black screen..

    The logfile is attached.

    Probably the following are the causes of this error, but I don't know what they mean.

    253 12:06:25 - - Warning: Terrain hole cutting: Spline Splines\Test_skrzyzowania\Kraweznik_trawa_0,2m.sli has invalid hole polygon(s)!
    266 12:06:42 - - Error: Zugriffsverletzung bei Adresse 00723306 in Modul 'Omsi.exe'. Schreiben von Adresse 000002DC: P.Translate

    Thanks in advance to who will answer me.


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    I'd like to make some repaints for the Solaris' on Urbino II DLC, but when repaint is done, adhesives on glasses are hardly to see, like if they were faded.

    What can I do?

    Thanks in advance who will answer to me


    I'd like to be sure that passengers would entry by all doors on MB O530 (Add-On Palma de Mallorca), and so I tried edit the file passengercabin, but without results.

    So my question is: how I can I make that passengers would entry by all doors on MB O530 of Palma addon?

    Thanks in advance who will answer me


    I have a problem with the "MB O530 E2/E3 v5.1 Final by Morpheus" (see pictures).

    I can run, open the doors, and the sounds are o, but like you can see, lack many things...

    I have already try to reinstall, but nothing has changed.

    What can it be?

    Good morning/afternoon/evening,

    I used a particular object on a map to make a chrono-event (which I would like to relase like download), but I do not know the licence of this object, and also who made it.

    The object in question names "pizzeria" (Screeneryobject\pizzeria\pizzeria.sco).

    So I was wonderingiIf someone know where I can found this object (in order to look at the licence), or know directly the licence and how made it.

    Thanks in advance who will answer me.

    I saw that in buses like Mercedes-Benz Citaro O530 by Alterr, or the Solaris Urbino BVG, the mirrors do not go jerkily, but in other buses yes. So my question is, can I do something to make sure that the mirrors of a bus don't go jerkily?