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As guest you can only see content in your selected language! Registered users can choose the visibility of other languages in their control panel, more informations here. All topics are marked with a language flag inside the forums: = English [EN], = German [DE], = French [FR].
If you're not able to speak the topic language than write in English!

  • Hello, everyone,

    the spontaneous poll in the Discord has shown that we have many users of different origins. In this respect, multilingualism was first activated in order to promote multilingual interaction on the one hand and to simplify it on the other.

    Unfortunately the technical circumstances do NOT allow for the creation of multilingual topics (e.g. for the forum "ScreenShots from games"). Maybe we should agree to do this in English in general, in order to meet international standards as good as possible (there are hardly any discussions anyway, they are only threads for posting images).

    Plans for multilingual cooperation

    In the first instance, fr.svg French was added as language, but it uses the English language content! The first goal is to optimize the language of our wiki, since the articles - besides German and English - are also published in French. In order for the articles in other languages to be linked to each other, the optional multilingualism and the addition of French as an additional language was unavoidable.

    Whether we will translate the whole system into French (and possibly also other languages; an equally large OMSI following comes from Poland, for example) is not clear at this time. There are several thousand variables to be translated for the whole system (only the variables of the frontend are worth mentioning, about 60%) and this is by no means done "just quickly", especially since this is best done by native speakers to ensure grammatically accurate formulations.

    Empty forums, no topics visible?

    The German users may not have noticed any difference, because for them nothing changes. The users communicating in gb.svg English and fr.svg French probably noticed that they suddenly saw no more topics within the forum. By default, only content in YOUR selected language is displayed, but not the content from the other languages!

    A workaround was used to activate all 3 languages for EVERY user.

    If you registered later and deactivated the other languages:

    Activate the view of the other languages by checking the box "Content languages":

    Control Center > Settings Section > General

    Under "Language contents" activate all other languages for viewing. Do not forget to save by clicking on the "Send" button.

    In front of each topic there is now also a language flag showing which main language is spoken in the topic. If you want to join in but don't know the language, please use English!

    News from our site will be published in a separate thread depending on the language to ensure the best possible accessibility.

    WebDisk Download Entries

    Our WebDisk (i.e. the download platform, alias Filebase) is independent of the forum and Wiki, it remains monolingual. This means that there is no differentiation in the languages. The developers (WoltLab) have repeatedly expressed the wish to be able to insert multilingual titles and descriptions (as is the case with the subpages, e.g. 🛂 What do the listed licenses & copyrights mean?)

    Unfortunately nothing has been implemented until today, but at least it has been included for future versions.

    New rules for WebDisk entries

    Please do NOT write your WebDisk entries only in your own (native) language, but at least translate your description into English (other languages are optional)! It's no use to anyone if it's monolingual and foreign users don't understand what the download offer is, what they need for it, etc. We from the administration don't understand e.g. a word of French and with such an entry we are then cut in the control, because the whole text would have to be chased by the translator first. Such a thing is unnecessary, even if it is cumbersome and laborious, therefore:

    The rule of an internationally understandable description for WebDisk entries will come into effect from Monday, June 8, 2020 and will be strictly applied to new entries. All new entries that do not follow this rule from this date will be deactivated and the author will be asked to correct this. If the author refuses, the entry will end up in the trash.

    During the transition period until then it would be desirable if you already practice this - in the sense of a common international cooperation. If you want to use flags in your description to separate the sections visually:

    de.svg =[flag]de[/flag] =

    gb.svg =[flag]gb[/flag] =

    fr.svg =[flag]fr[/flag] =

    tr.svg =[flag]tr[/flag] = ...

    Currently be, cz, de, es, fr, gb, hu, it, nl, pl, pt, ru, ro, tr and us possible. at and ch are also possible, but should be in conjunction with DE, e.g. as a combination of 3 (DE+AT+CH = .)

    Bei Übersetzungen in die Englische Sprache bin ich gerne behilflich.

    Egal ob Beiträge, Dokus oder anderes was mit der Webdisk oder OMSI (Modifikationen) zusammenhängen.

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