Help with making Stockholm repaints for Scania citywide, Volvo 7900, Volvo 7700A Man CNG

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  • Hi i would like some help with making or if someone wants to make some repaints for buses.

    I am not experienced with repainting in omsi 2.

    So i decided to make Swedish Stockholm SL repaints for some bus models mainly Scania citywide and Man CNG sobol

    But i have absolutelty no idea on how to get the paint right and how to get a white stripe aligned.

    I have downloaded

    I also would like to make seats to the bus with SL Nacka Värmdö Seats which are patterns with blue, green in dark and light i will send pics for everything.



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  • Rule number one, use layers while working.

    With Sobol's man there is the "REPAINT LAYER" as a sign where to add your paint. Check the properties of that layer and create identical layers. What I did was to create new layers above that named layer and added the paint one side at the time each on separate layer. But save your work file before flattening and saving as a ready-made file so that you can easily fix if needed.

    I'd love to make repaints for Scania, too, but the repaint template seemed horrible. ^^