X10 Berlin real timetables 2020

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  • Current timetables on X10 Berlin DLC


    The aim is to provide current timetables of year 2020 to the game. Exceptions in traffic caused by COVID-19 are not included in this mod. I have used a certain week (7.9.-13.9.2020) in autumn as a main source for the timetables, since there is yet no COVID exceptions decided on that week. I have used fahrinfo.bvg.de to acquire the timetables because BVG has disabled timetables in PDF format. That is why there is a good chance that I have overlooked something. That is also why I'm starting this thread. I would appreciate if you reported back to me any missing departures. I would also like to hear suggestions and ideas to improve the mod.

    In addition to timetables, this mod also takes changed names and missing stops into account. Name changes of bus stops and missing stops are put into the game by this mod.

    Please note that some trips are not nearly optimal and on many cases not real at all. This mod only pays attention to departures and driving times to provide realistic service, not so much on transfers and so on. Transfers etc. are mostly designed in such manner that makes the gaming experience better or at least tolerable.

    The lines that are updated by this mod

    All the lines listed have updated timetables. Additional changes mentioned below each line.

    • X1 and 601
      • Updated destination displays for PlusBus X1
    • X10
      • stop at Brücke Museum / Kunsthaus Dahlem added
    • M19
      • Line no longer services Bismarckplatz.
    • M29
    • M46
      • Drivable between Hertzallee and An der Urania.
    • 104
      • Drivable between Rathenauplatz and U Fehrbelliner Platz
    • 110
      • extended to U Oskar-Helene-Heim
    • 115
    • 184
      • Drivable between Warthestr. and Schönower Str.
    • 310
      • Drivable between U Adenauerplatz and Elsterplatz.
      • Terminus is at Roseneck.
    • 600
      • Drivable between S Teltow Stadt and Teltow Bahnhof
    • 620
    • 621
    • 623
    • 625
      • Route has changed: S Teltow Stadt - Postviertel - S Teltow Stadt
    • 626
      • Terminus moved from Heinersdorfweg-Reha to S Teltow Stadt
    • 704
      • Drivable between S Teltow Stadt and Teltow Bahnhof
    • N1, N2, N26
      • Drivable between Hertzallee and U Wittenbergplatz
    • N10
    • N12
      • Route shortened to its real route between Zehlendorf Eiche and Neuruppiner str.
    • N13
      • Drivable between S Teltow Stadt and Warthestr. Continues to Waldschänke.
    • N42
      • Drivable between Rathenauplatz and U Fehrbelliner Platz
    • N84

    The bus stops that are added or changed:

    • Teltow, Schenkendorfer Weg
    • Teltow, Mühlenbergstr.
    • Teltow, Albert-Wiebach-Str.
    • Teltow, Geschwister-Scholl-Str.
    • Teltow, Egerstr.
    • Teltow, Hamburger Platz
    • Teltow, Halifax-Platz
    • Brücke-Museum / Kunsthaus Dahlem
    • Agathe-Lasch-Platz
    • Westfälische Str./Konstanzer Str.
    • Eisenzahnstr.
    • An der Urania (stops exist, but now one of them can be operated on drivable lines)

    Other changes:

    • Destination displays on Teltow lines (excl. 625) will be corrected to real ones in version 8.0.
    • New helper arrows and stop signs are added, and existing ones modified with the changes.

    Download the mod

    Link to the mod

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  • Maybe I need to point one thing out here, too.

    Yes, there is many versions of my mod already. A few of them were necessary hotfixes which were a mistake on my part. Sorry about those. The rest is because I didn't want to make this mod in the same rigid way where you create the whole thing first, publish it and then start to make all sorts of improvements. And before you know, that causes a domino effect and you are screwed. Yes, I chose a more agile way to create this mod. Just because there is an update, it doesn't mean you need to download it and install it if it irritates you. You can easily skip an update, I will only provide complete versions, because it is more convenient. Last week or so went not as planned which is why I pushed out couple of updates. That is only because this mod is not my job or my life, and it only fits around everything else. Besides, all this COVID mess, I don't like to sit on ready-made content when I could just release it and let you enjoy it.

    Why am I pointing this thing out? Because I don't like when someone comes and starts to put down your mod simply because it wasn't developed in a conventional way. Seriously, I really enjoy and appreciate feedback so that I can improve and fix my mod to be better. What I don't enjoy is unconstructive criticism on how this mod is developed and rate it without even trying it. That kind of comment is not making this mod any better. If you feel like to rate my mod, at least try it out and leave me some comments on what went right or wrong, not just bash it.

    Sure, most of us are well aware of how the gaming community gets sometime, but shouldn't we all be trying to make this better for everyone?

    Enjoy and keep safe, people! :heart:

  • I have beta version ready for the newest addition to the mod: lines 104 and N42. I wanted to include those because no drivable line services that part. Once the beta version is approved, I'll be sharing it here with you.

  • Description of the mod updated. I also added what the next available version 8.0 will include. There is now a small description of each line that this mod changes.

  • Ptterz

    Changed the title of the thread from “X10 Berlin Fahrpläne 2020” to “X10 Berlin real timetables 2020”.
  • So, I will be adding all the lines I planned to add on the next version of this mod which will be the version 8. That version is going to be posted here instead of Google Drive. I updated on the description all the lines that will be included in the mod.

    I will be dropping the final version probably next week. :)

  • If you want to have announcements for the new stops, those are now available on the new Berlin BRT Addon. You just need to copy the missing files to X10 Berlin (and of course rename them).

  • Moderator

    Added the Label Map