Der Dateiname wird nicht aktualisiert

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  • Wie soll die Datei denn heißen?
    Hast du den Namen nach (in einem eigenen Schritt) oder während dem Hochladen der neuen Datei geändert?

    What should be the new file name?
    Did you change the file name while uploading or after it (as an own step)?


  • Hello, I uploaded a file called "Krueger+ mod 0.6+2ε.7z".
    Then I would get this screen:
    In the above, you can see that the file name shown is correct.
    There is no way to change the file name, nor does there seem to be a need to change it.

    When I press Submit, the contents of the file are updated.
    But returning to the file's page, the file name is still the old one "Krueger+ mod 0.6−ε⁄3.7z" :S

  • So may I summarize:

    • The name displayed in the header is correct
    • The description is correct
    • The name of the file in the right column is not correct
    • The file is correct

    Is that right?
    If it is, then please wait a bit (e.g. on day). This can be caused by our caching algorithm which pre-saves some page contents and updates them only from time to time. If the title hasn't changed until tomorrow we'll have a look at it.


  • OK, I see. There probably is an error in the file replace script. I will have a look on that but in the meantime you can upload the new version as new file (via the "Add Files" button in Files menu of your entry) and optionally delete the older version. I have tested that and it's working.

    Please be patient until I have fixed the replace script.


  • After - I have to admit - a lot of time, this bug seems to be solved to me. The filename column in the database hasnt' been updated. I changed that deep inside the webdisk code and it worked when I did my tests. If any problems concerning this occurr please contact us as soon as possible.

    Nach - zugegeben - langer Zeit, scheint es als habe ich den Bug fixen können. Der Dateiname wurde in der Datenbank einfach nicht aktualisiert. Ich habe das tief im Webdisk-Code geändert und während meinen Tests hat das Skript funktioniert. Sollten doch Probleme damit auftauchen, bitte ich uns so schnell als möglich zu informieren.