Question/Tip about "Attach To Spline"

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  • I try to avoid bugs as much as possible and I faced many errors when I attach objects to various splines on my maps so I decided to create a spline like the invis street, except it will be used ony for attaching objects to them. Of course, it is visible only in the editor.

    They look like this:

    My question is: is there anything wrong about this approach? If there isn't, then this can be a tip for other members :)

    Here is the spline:

    FC Internazionale Milano 1908

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    Changed the title of the thread from “Question/Tip about "Attach Object To"” to “Question/Tip about "Attach To Spline"”.
  • This approach will perfectly work. You can attach all objects to all splines, no matter if the spline is visible or not.:P

  • I knew that splines won't be visible outside of the editor, I asked about the approach. Thanks.

    Maybe I'm overthinking a bit with all these ideas and questions that I post here, but this is a great place for help and advices :)

    FC Internazionale Milano 1908