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  • Hi,

    I have a couple real simple questions here. I couldn't find any instructions for the WebDisk (i do speak German also).

    I uploaded a file the first time. I cannot see it. Must the moderators first accept it?

    My file is a mod pack for the Berlin X10 map. It doesn't change the map itself, but it enables new features like
    the MAN ebmlem in the steering wheel of the MAN DL bus and a brighter matrix display for the bus. There is also
    an option to use more modern buses for AI than the old MAN EN92 and GN92. I uploaded the file under "Real maps",
    but should it be somewhere else? I couldn't find a suitable location...


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  • Yes, in terms of file-accuracy we want to have a quick look inside your addons before we activate them for public download.
    As we do not have a "map mod" categorie, I think you are right in "real maps".

    I cannot find any non-enabled upload of yours. Please be sure that you upload the file until the success message comes up and then press the submit button in order to complete the uploading process. As you are modding a payware addon, pay attention to not break copyrights. Otherwise we cannot activate your file.