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    When the City of Piła is sleeping... :coffee:

    So the trains are 'parked' directly in the station over night?

    As Piła Hbf is big station without many daily trains (about 60-80 passenger trains/day) and have many platforms (6 to be exact) with 0 trains between 22-4 there is no problem for them to hold them there. Also it's faster for later departures. This station is under 24/7 security from SOK and Straż Miejska (City Police? You know, guys for parked cars and drinking alco in public place) have headquarters there.

    283DPWv.png They're trying to bury the OMSI game to work on their stupid LOTUS money-grab project...

    'The alternative to partial closure is full closure'.

    Excuse me what the actuall fuck is she doing. Trying to scare off community? 'If you won't listen to crown Janine I will stomp my leg and ban all forum'. Responsible actions. Kill 10-year history just beceuse you're fucking dickhead and ulana kurwa jebana. I wonder how is she even surprised with that and not other response from community. Even 4 words of thanking us for playing OMSI for all that years would change a lot.

    But no fuck this give me your euro for LOTUS, if you don't want to I will ban you. This is starting to look more like spandauer mafia. :scold:

    Die Freiheit, sich mal eben einen Bus ein bisschen nach eigenem Geschmack anzupassen ist aber gerade die Stärke von OMSI. Auch wenn es privat bleibt. Ich habe z.B. in der letzten Zeit das München Addon gekauft und Aachen wieder ausgegraben. Mit den mitgelieferten Motorsounds war ich nicht zufrieden (ja, ich habe sehr hohe Ansprüche, ich weiß), also habe ich mir da mit ein paar Einträgen ein paar Sounds von Morphi verlinkt, ein bisschen angepasst und viele Stunden Spielspaß gehabt. Das fehlt mir schon im TS, wo das Modding wesentlich komplizierter ist. Und wenn es in LOTUS ganz unterbunden wird, macht das für mich wenig Sinn. Da nehme ich in OMSI auch gern in Kauf, dass mal jemand mein Urheberrecht ankratzt. Denn was nützt mir mein (Freeware-)Urheberrecht, wenn ich keinen Spaß am Spiel haben kann.


    Janine made a big mistake within announcing of closing of oficial OMSI 2 forum. It's really not okay to all OMSI 2 community, especially to all OMSI 2 Content Creators, like me, Chrizzly, Perotinus, Kajott3D, Morphi, Alterr and many, many others. We were the people that made OMSI a legend in all history of simulation games. Rudiger and Marcel made the simulator, but we trurely made it so known, with all mods and DLC's like Mainz, Stadedreieck, Fikcyjny / Projekt Szczecin, Berlin X10, Hamburg Addons, MAN NL/NG xx3 DLC, Tettau, O305/G, this is endless counting, beceuse there is so much of good content available, most of them for free. Even if you've just made some repaints, it counts. Together we've made community.

    Without content you can't make people come. Just look on LOTUS - there is barerly any additional content to it, so it's not so popular. That's the problem Janine is facing, but instead of asking current OMSI 2 content creators to switch to LOTUS, supporting them etc, she just want to force people to go for LOTUS. But she did in so fucking disgusting way, that this is not okay to all of us. For whole OMSI 2 community. Killing it like this. Killing this never-ending-story with just one decision, ending this story of thousands people around the globe. Shame. Kurwa this is unbelievable how horrible Janine is.

    Reutlingen-Achalm, Parkplatz bei Hotel. Neue linie 82 is der `quartierbus` von RSV, fahren von Stadtmitte wie linie 8 bis Burgholz, dann bis Hotel. Hier klein Bus hat 30 min Pause.