NEOMAN Overhaul - ALU Repaint pack Repaintpack update

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a small pack for the MAN A37 and the Neoplan N4516.

Hello ,

This file is a small repaint pack that I have worked on yesterday ; it contains repaints both for :

-the MAN A37 Hybrid (Wagen nr. 517 Das Handwerk (AVG) , AVG Neutral , SLZ Neutral and a Laurenzbach Flughafen livery)

-the Neoplan N4516 (Bauhaus Ahlheim , AVG Neutral and SLZ Neutral)

from the NEOMAN overhaul pack.


Installation is stated in the ReadMe. enjoy ! ^^

  • Repaintpack update

    Changelog :

    -(Requested) repaints added : SLZ/AVG Neutral (N4516 + A37 Hybrid)

    -fixed some minor details

    To avoid compatibility problems , I strongly recommend installing the older version BEFORE downloadig this one , especially because the .cti files replaces the older ones , BUT the older (not updated) repaints are not added on this updated file.

  • 1.0.0

    Original fle , contains :

    AVG :

    -Wagen nr.517 Das Handwerk (A37 Hybrid)

    -Wagen nr.705 Bauhaus Ahlheim (N4516)


    -Laurenzbach Flughafen (A37 Hybrid)

    -Laurenzbach neutral (A37 Hybrid)