Door and reverse cameras on the volvo 7700 A Facelift compatible with the hotfix 0.01

Supported version of OMSI
OMSI v2.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions
- Nothing -

To see the cameras you have to turn on the power button. This mod is made on the 0.9.9 hotfix

Hello, I bring my first mod, this mod is for the volvo 7700 A FL, this mod adds two screens with camera on both doors and reversing camera,

This mod is made on the hotfix of version 0.9.9.

Congratulations to Skinner_11 for the bus

Have fun from spain!!

  • Problem ist halt, dass die Kameras stets mitgeladen werden und daher jeder Spiegel weniger Frames bekommt. Ansonsten super - aber so habe ich es leider wieder entfernen müssen. Dafür kannst du aber nix!

  • not working