NEOMAN Lion's City K++ Re-enabler mod NEOMAN K++ 1.1.1

License Agreement
Creative Commons <by-nc-sa>
Recommended version of OMSI
Current v2.3.x
Prerequisite commercial expansions

Starting from 2.1 releases, NEOMAN addon does not come out of the box with K++ compatible destination displays anymore. This mod ports over K++ logic from previous versions.

If it asks to overwrite, say yes. If it doesn't ask that, you're doing something wrong.

Minimum required NEOMAN pack version: 2.1.2pb / 2.1 public release

Last tested NEOMAN pack version: 2.2.5pb (patreon Beta) / 2.2 public release

Required mod:


Starting from 2.1 releases of Sobol's NEOMAN Pack, Sobol replaced the destination displays the buses use. They no longer had support for full K++ display logic.

Thanks to his instructions I've brought back the monochrome K++ from previous versions of the mod.

This mod overwrites destination display logic for all existing NEOMAN buses!

gb.svg Comments, reviews and support only in English please! I do not understand German.

  • NEOMAN K++ 1.1.1


    - Fixed folder structure according to webdisk requirements

    - Fix unnecessary folder being mixed in
    - Fix using older version of the script as base (included unnecessary files)

    Requires versions 2.1 of NEOMAN addon and later.

    Not needed for older versions!

    If it asks to overwrite, say yes. If it doesn't ask that, you're doing something wrong.

  • NEOMAN K++ 1.1

    **Use newer versions only**

  • Is it also possible to get re-enabled the farego ticket printer instead of the EVENDpc2-printer?

  • Confirmed working (and needed) with public release 2.2

  • Does this mod still requires us to have some fonts from the paid DLC?

    • I'm not sure as I haven't tested myself - I have both of the DLCs. However if I'm correct:

      • Ruhr DLC fonts is certainly needed as the ticket printer/IBIS system uses those fonts.
      • It may be that the MAN Citybus DLC fonts are not needed anymore because those were used by destination displays, which should use K++ fonts with this mod instead.
  • Is it possible to add the polychrome (support colors, for example red) version of the Krüger++?

    • Sadly at this point I have no idea how to do it. With this version of the mod I just re-enabled already existing but disabled functionality of the mod. If I have time I may look into it but the probability for it is quite low at the moment as I'm extremely green of OMSI modding.

      I will probably mostly focus on keeping this working as it is with latest updates.