Carris [1998] repaint for the MAN NG 313 Version 2010 [Build 31783.1 of 2020-10-05]

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This repaint can still be subject to updates whenever justified.

An what-if concept of what could've been an early-2000s Carris MAN articulated bus.

This repaint for Chrizzly92’s payware bus MAN NG 313, part of the pack MAN Stadtbusfamilie, is a what-if concept of what could be an articulated bus in the colours of Carris in the early-2000s. Reminder that Carris at the time had only high-floor articulated buses, and the first low-floor artics didn’t come until 2008, when Carris purchased the first 20 Mercedes-Benz Citaro G facelift.

This repaint is only for the 3-door version of the bus. No plans for a 4-door version in the moment.