Barraqueiro Sto. António repaint for the Mercedes-Benz O 530 Ü Citaro FL Version 2011 [Build 38121.1 of 2020-11-19]

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OMSI v2.x
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This repaint can be subject to updates whenever needed. See the readme on how to install it.

A Barraqueiro Sto. António repaint now in OMSI 2.

This repaint for Sven Daniel’s Mercedes-Benz O 530 Ü FL Citaro is based upon the real-life Barraqueiro Sto. António’s Mercedes-Benz O 530 LE MÜ used by the company [number 538]. The bus was purchased secondhandly from Germany in 2017-18. This repaint tries to incorporate much of the design themes, although it is partially fictional, since the company doesn’t have any 12m Citaro Ü FL.

This repaint is for the EF version of the bus.