Ahlheim-Laurenzbach Updated Liniepack 2021 10.0.0

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This mod makes changes to the whole line network as of 1.1.2021. Mod also adds tons of improvements to the whole map.

This mod is created as a chrono event and makes changes to lines at the beginning of year 2021.

The new numbering is a design choice of mine. Some buses display 8xx lines as Mxx, so I decided that as of 2021, the lines of ALU will gradually be numbered with certain logic:

  • 100-199 for Ahlheim based lines operated by AVG,
  • 200-299 for Laurenzbach based lines operated by SLZ,
  • 300-399 for Derenhofen based lines operated by Rheinlandbus and Andresen.

I am aware there is three other line package mods already for ALU:

Emily Prentiss, Ceddiearts and tfc.

This mod does not collide with those three, you can use those with my mod. Those mods complement this mod nicely.

I included the hof files of those three to my hof file, so you can use one hof file.

The complete line network

Lines operated by AVG

100 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Flughafen

103 <> Wheiler See - Flughafen

105 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Laurenzbach Innerstadt Hoch

110 <> Dornumerberg - Hauptbahnhof - ICB-Halle

119 <> Rübenkamp - Dieselstr.

120 <> Osterfelder Markt - Dornumerberg - ICB-Halle - Herzenberg

121 <> Eichenhöhe - Hauptbahnhof - Friesenstr.

122 <> Brecker Feld - Siedlung Hohn

123 <> Ahlheim Hauptbahnhof - Laurenzbach Innerstadt Hoch

125 <> Kranenburg Mitte - Derenhofen Klinikum S

126 <> Valdoriastr. - Stadtgarten Ruderbahn

127 <> Heide Mitte - Siedlung Hohn

128 <> Osterfelder Markt - Planetario

130 <> Wheiler See - Ahlheim Hbf

140 <> Uni-Halle - Kranenburg Mitte

148 <> Friesenstr. - Büröpark

N19 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Rübenkamp

N21 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Friesenstr.

N23 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Norderhofen

N27 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Siedlung Hohn

N30 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Wheiler See

Lines operated by SLZ

200 <> Banscheid Bahnhof - Flughafen

210 <> Westende - Flughafen

211 <> Bahnhof Niederburg - FOC

218 <> Bahnhof Niederburg - Schwarzbach

220 <> Wakkermannplatz - Derenhofen Klinikum S

241 <> AH Industriestr. - IKEA

246 <> Niederbanscheid - Markscheidt

249 <> Quellengrund - Markscheidt

281 <> Ringlinie Airbus - Airport City

N11 <> Europa-platz - Bahnhof Niederburg

N18 <> Laurenzbach Hbf - Korthausen

N20 <> Rittinghausen - Schnatenberg

N46 <> Markscheidt - Derenhofen Markt

N49 <> Willy-Brandt-Platz - Markscheidt

Lines operated by Rheinlandbus and Andresen

310 <> Vero-Siedlung - Derenhofen Bahnhof

311 <> Derenhofen Markt - Vero-Siedlung

319 <> Tubbenthal - Laurenz-H.-Weg

341 <> Ahlheim Sonnenfeld - Voosen

348 <> Tubbenthal Bahnhof - Osterfelder Markt

N25 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Derenhofen Ostschanze

N41 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Banscheid Bahnhof

Replacement traffic

SEV <> Rosental - Ahlheim - Sonnenfeld - Bortel - Norderhofen - Derenhofen - Laurenzbach

SEV <> Derenhofen - Voosen - Banscheid - Dohr - Laurenzbach - Niederburg

SEV traffic periods are 1.7.2021-31.8.2021 and 24.12.2021-9.1.2022.

Terminated lines

All original, drivable lines.

808 (Emily)

23+25 (tfc)

This mod also adds tons of other changes to the whole map. E.g.

  • Stop signs in Derenhofen unified
  • Derenhofen Markt facelift
  • Completely new stops, especially on dense areas
  • Relocated stops and improved bus stop areas
  • Due to climate change, I planted a couple of trees. Really good eyes if you noticed where, because they are right at home there.
  • and many more! ;)

Have fun and enjoy! :heart:



  • 10.0.0

    Changes to previous version

    • All lines are now scheduled to start and end at the depot.
    • All old, drivable night lines discontinued
    • New night lines listed below. To insert the route, use the line number under which the night line is mentioned on the routelist.
      • N11 <> Europa-platz - Bahnhof Niederburg
      • N18 <> Laurenzbach Hbf - Korthausen
      • N19 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Ruebenkamp
      • N20 <> Rittinghausen - Schnatenberg
      • N21 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Friesenstr.
      • N23 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Norderhofen
      • N25 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Derenhofen Ostschanze
      • N27 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Siedlung Hohn
      • N30 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Wheiler See
      • N41 <> Ahlheim Hbf - Banscheid Bahnhof
      • N46 <> Markscheidt - Derenhofen Markt
      • N49 <> Willy-Brandt-Platz - Markscheidt
    • Airport lines and lines 120 and 140 will operate around the clock.
    • All lines terminating at Ahlheim Hauptbahnhof now has an extra stop: these lines stop at the arrival platforms to leave the passengers and then proceed to the last stop
    • Schappener See towards Brecker Feld fixed. Passengers now wait on the pavement
    • Stop Auf der Höhe towards Centrum relocated
    • Stop Jeremiasstraße towards Hbf relocated by the main road
    • Stop Hartkoppf towards Robertstr. moved a bit further to a safer location
    • Surroundings at stop Im Freistein improved
    • New stop Mozartstraße
    • At Schnatenberg kirche, stop sign and departure displays moved to the correct stop area away from the terminus
    • Added some prohibited lane changes to some intersections to try to prevent the hazardous lane changing by the AI
    • Bus shelters unified in DH and Voosen to grey ones
    • Driving time adjustments on line 123 in direction LZ -> AH
    • Arrival platform for line 348 at Osterfelder Markt changed
    • Original destinations improved on hof file
    • Added platform numbers for stops at Hauptbahnhof (both AH and LZ) so that those are visible on the driver computers
    • Other minor fixes and improvements here and there

    :!:This is a full version, you do not need any previous version for the mod to work.:!:

  • 9.0.0

    Changes to previous version

    • Adjusted priorities on lines. All new lines have priority between 1 and 3 set on them to improve compatibility on weaker PCs
    • Tourplans updated on all lines
    • Stop Mitterbach is serviced to both directions in Nochem
    • Line 148 extended to Büropark
    • Added stop Carmenstr. near Büropark
    • Stop Campus Dornumeberg now in both directions
    • Adjusted Winsenburger Brücke, Europa-Platz and Gesundheitsstrasse to accomodate more than one bus in case AI stops there
    • Quellengrund stop moved by the main road in direction to Bahnhof Niederburg
    • Line 100 no longer stops at Schnatenberg
    • Line 105 now stops by the road at Markscheidt Kirchplatz
    • Line 330 discontinued, replaced with two other lines
    • Line 310 extended to Ostschanze and Markscheidt Kirchplatz
    • New line 319 between Tubbenthal and Laurenz-Hübner-Weg.
    • New line 348 between Tubbenthan Bahnhof and Osterfelder Markt. Provides direct connection to Osterfeld and campuses from Heide and Derenhofen.
    • Derenhofen lines 3XX now solely operated by Rheinlandbus and Andresen.
    • Compatibility on tfc's V4 line mod.

    :!:This is a full version, you do not need any previous version for the mod to work.:!:

  • Die Fahrplähne und Liniennummern Passen nicht Die ibiscodes Funktionieren nicht

    • Dann hast du es nicht richtig installiert..
      das hier ist eine Chrono die ab dem 1.1.2021 aktiv ist und alle alten original ALU Linien Deaktiviert.
      Falls du versucht hast, diese in BBS zu nutzen, der Mod ist, da es eine Chrono ist, nicht kompatibel. Zudem benötigst du eine separate hofdatei, diese wird mitgeliefert und muss natürlich in die Busse, die in der AI List sind eingetragen werden.

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    • Ich habe es So Gemacht wie es Da steht Die Hof Datei ist auch in allen Bussen drinne meine frage wäre jetzt wird das noch so Geändert Das auch die IBIS Codes Im BBS Stimmen weil die Alte Version Ist Ja Da drinne Weil IBIS codes Raten ist Net So Dolle :)

    • Das Linienpack ist mit BBS nicht kompatibel, da es sich um eine Chrono handelt, welche das bestehende Netz Grundlegend ändert.

      Ich habe es selbst gestern Abend ausprobiert, und es hat einwandfrei funktioniert.

      Im Idealfall, einmal den Mod aus dem Chronoordner löschen und aus dem Download neu einügen.

    • Habe ich auch schon wollte auf die alte Version zurück geht nicht der macht das linienpack gleich mithabe auch schon mal alles neu gemacht aber er erkennt die alte Version nicht

  • Thanks for the new update! This the best modpack sofar. And nice that depottours now included aswell.

    I love it! 1
  • Thank you very much for the next great update of your pack :)

    Is it possible to add a schematic plan for the new nightlines?

    I love it! 1
    • Thank you! Yes, I was planning on doing that, but I wasn't sure how to do it yet. Tough design choices! :D

  • Some of the lines don't register on the ticket printer on Morphis Citaro FL v2 busses, when I go to type in the line and route numbers for 122 and a few others, it doesn't recognize them, any ideas on how to fix this?, I'm definitely using the correct HOF file, Thanks.

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    • Hey, I'll debug this and get back to you.

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    • Thank you for the quick response, but no worries I appreciate that.

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    • Could you copy-paste the hof file from addons folder to the folder for O530FL-v2 and try again?

      The updated hof file should have a timestamp 26/05/2022 11:58

      I cannot reproduce this issue with the bus and the hof file that is included. I tested line 122 as well as lines @xander1986 reported in the previous comment, and all seem to work.

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    • I'm definitely using the correct HOF file, the ticket machine only accepts the line 122 if I put the destination code 31 or 34 in , it doesn't accept 122 01, not sure if this is a bus specific issue maybes?, Thanks.

    • Are you sure you are putting correct codes to correct places? I mean 01 and 02 are route numbers, not destination codes. I included those destination codes just in case one needs to manually put them.

      Did you use the correct menu to insert the line details? There seems to have been few options to insert lines on that O530FL-v2 or this is what I could gather with a short debugging. But I gotta say I was a bit confused when I used that ticket machine the first time.

      Anyway, there must be a simple and obvious solution to this since I got it to work with a fresh installation of the bus and the hof file included in this mod. :)

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  • The line 319 is missing in youre hof i guess....

    • 348 is also missing

    • Hey, are you sure you are using the updated hof file? I downloaded the version I uploaded here to double check and line 319 is indeed there, from line 7899 onwards, as well as line 348 from line 8162 onwards.

    • Just adding here that I tested the included hof file with the bus that is mentioned in the next comment and those lines you mentioned work. So, could you please check that the hof file is the updated one? It should have a timestamp 26/05/2022 11:58 :)

    • Yeah your'e right my fault! I have test it without issues now! So thanks and sorry that i dind't check it correctly ;)

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    • Haha no worries, glad that this solved! :)

      I love it! 1
  • Thanks for the update :) Only one question: "tfc's V4 line mod" Which mod is that?

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    • Hope you enjoy this update! :)

      I guess you answered your own question? I think it was still the same mod, but a new version. Maybe the naming threw me a little, but yes, it is tfc's line mod.

      EDIT: Anyone looking at this later on, the link in the description of the mod still redirects to the correct line mod, it was merely renamed. 😄

      Applause 1
    • Yeah i have found the other mods in the text whats included :)

  • Hey,

    i think you uploaded the wrong hof-file. The updated one of 2021 is not included.


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    • Hi, double checked and yes it is included.

      Did you overwrite the possibly existing one if you had the previous version of the mod?

      The correct hof file can be found in OMSI 2/Addons/ALU/Liniepack 2021/Ahlheim_Laurenzbach_Updated.hof

      The name is same as for the original one, and that one also includes entries for all three other mods for ease-of-use. :)

      Hope this helps!

      Done 1
    • Yes, you are right. My fault :)

    • Great that you found it. There's also a pdf for routes that are available. Have fun! 😊

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  • After going through my logfile, I'm missing map tiles.

    They are:



    Any chance you could send them to me please?

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    • Hi, sorry, I have totally missed your comment!

      First, I cannot send you those tile files because they are not mine to share.

      You can download the ALU mod on this site again, and I advise you to do so, because you have many other issues with the map as well.

      Some of the issues I noticed:

      • your ailists.cfg has an error in it, it failed to load and causes lines to fail as well
      • Did you edit my mod somehow? There seems to be timetable issues and especially on lines that are not part of my mod, but they are placed inside the mod chrono event.
      • There seems to be timetable issues on partically every line. Something is seriously broken in main files. Reinstall the map.
      • "Warning: Busstop Nr. 43 on trip "maps\Ahlheim_Laurenzbach Updated\TTData\812 BHFN - VERO.ttp" has no valid track segment and is invalid!" you may want to just remove this line. It shouldn't prevent the map from opening, but causes unnecessary errors/burden on your game
      • "Error: In map file "maps\Ahlheim_Laurenzbach Updated\tile_15_-52.map" there was an error in line 7575!" check this out. It could be that this will go away once you reinstall the map.
  • When I do line 100 and 123 I run out of memory, the 4 GB patch does not work, what do I do?

    • Hi, thanks for your comment. There doesn't seem to be any errors or such, and this reminds a lot the case of the previous comment posted by millex1247.

      First, try resetting 4GB patch. There was a small update a few days ago and to my knowledge you need to set that patch again after every update.

      If that does not help, I'd focus on your ailists.cfg. According to those warnings, you use a lot of buses that has Morphi sound mods. Although those sounds are great and all, they take up a lot of memory and does not suit ai buses well for this reason. Maybe if you switched some of those modded buses to something else? I don't use those at all because my game hanged itself due to those sound mods.

    • The 4gb patch always fails me, it never works, and as for the sounds, can you tell me how you have your ailist, to change it so that it doesn't fail me? Thanks for your answer.

    • @Adrián Armesto

      Please use a spoiler for your logfile embedding the next time!

    • Well, I mostly use Scania Citywide for articulated ones, because I prefer Scania and that bus is works nicely as AI.

      I also use only a handful of longer ones, like MB C2 Capacity, but those are limited to only like 5-10 fleet numbers.

      But you should test out which buses are "lighter" memorywise on the game and use those as AI. Skip anything with sound mods as AI, they are wasted as AI.

  • Hey nice update 7.0, but I'm having issues before with 105 and now 123, when I'm reaching destinations, it rans out of memory for some reason, my laptop has 8GB ram, and I used 4gb patch as well. I'm posting logfile below, if you can solve the problem, I'll really appreciate it.

    • Please install the 4GB Patch.

    • I have done that, all the lines are perfectly fine apart from 105 and 123

    • Hey, thanks for your comment.

      This is a wild guess, because the log file does not suggest anything else apparent, but you use pretty many memory hungry buses, such as Neoman Overhaul and MB O530 Facelift with modded sounds.

      How does your ailists.cfg look like? What buses you use there? I got my game hang itself when I used modded MB O530 buses which originally were meant for the map. Maybe try reducing the number of ai buses and replace some of them with ones that need less memory?

      Then there is other small warnings, e.g.

      931 09:54:04 - - Error: In "vehicles\DB_Doppelstockwagen\model\model_DABpz.cfg" there was an error in line 5!

      I don't know how those affect memory usage, but they at least temporarily increase it.

      Also, I don't know if the error actually caused the mod to be disabled, but that Derenhofen Süd mod, I don't know how many lines it adds to the game. I assume it modifies the spline and needs to "recreate" those line because of that.

      Nothing apparent reason for that is shown and nothing related to the mod itself, but there is indeed tons of warning and some errors related to vehicles at least.

    • I don't know which bus I am replacing? Any suggestions?

      I'm posting my ailists. cfg

    • Well, at least replace NEOMAN_Overhaul with something else. That bus eats up memory so much.

      Then, I would replace those MB O530 with "Modded" in them, or at least most of them (50%). You don't really need to have those sound modded ones as AI, or at least this is my opinion. They tend to take quite a lot memory as well.

  • Nice one with update 7.0 but it seems that line 23 is still drivable, should it be cancelled right?

    • I'll look into this, I thought I disabled them all.

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    • Oh never mind, I found the missing one!

      Haha 1
    • And the updated file is out :)

      Thanks 1
  • Hi Ptterz!

    Unfortunately Omninavigation is not working properly! :( I don't know the reason, today I tried all versions (5.1.0 and 6.0.0) and failed.

    Probably Omninavigation modified something during the update.

    Please delete the working link (To get the Omninavigation minimap to work, follow these instructions) in the description!

    I'm really sorry! Bus driving only stays in the arrows, so okay.

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    • Update: I have already written to the Pedepe developer about the problem.

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    • Update: Responded in the forum: "Hi, the line-pack isn't a new map. So it will not shown in the right box."  Pedepe Forum

    • Update: Check to forum, it's solved! :) Forum

  • First of all, thank you very much for making this, I love it! ALU was already a masterpiece but you've done a great job of improving it all the same.

    A couple of questions if you don't mind. I'm assuming that as 23 is the only unchanged AVG line that that will see some changes (a 123 presumably) in version 7.0. Will that also be the end of the 25? It's not included in the line plan but is still mentioned on all the bus stops it used to serve?

    Also, is there a reason the 105 doesn't go via Campus Dornumerberg? I know it's nice to drive through the tunnel for a change but it seems to me like it would make sense to provide Derenhofen and Laurenzbach a direct service to that part of the university, especially as the bus is going so close by anyway?

    Once again thanks for your work, and I'm looking forward to the next version!

    • Hi, glad to hear that! <3

      Yes, I'm currently working on the line 123 to replace line 23. And the question of those 25 signs is tied to this very question. One of those three other line mods have 23 and 25 in same timetables which is why I couldn't just disable 25 from it. But now that I'm working on the line 123, I'll be finally burying line 25 completely. This will also be part of the next update.

      You nailed it pretty well, the tunnel is one reason why 105 does not go via Campus Dornumerberg. The other reason is the line 120 which services it now together with line 110. Valdoriastr. is only 2mins away from Dornumerberg and I reasoned that it is not impossible to change there, but it feels kinda stupid to first go past your destination and then drive back. But I'll see if I loop it through campus as well.

      Anyway, those were great points you brought up! :)

    • Thank you very much!

      I look forward to seeing what happens with the 23 - if as you say below it gets extended to Hoch it'll be nice to have that long route from the original Ahlheim - Laurenzbach returned, albeit in a modern form. I know that some of the other mods for ALU include it, but I prefer it when the bus stops have been altered as well as your mods do!

      I hope you include the 105 though Dornumerberg but it is entirely your own choice of course! There's still the empty trips from the depot to Wheiler See (even more of them in your mod since there's both the 103 and 130 now!) that go through the tunnel after all. But like I say, it's your choice, it's not for me or anyone else to tell you what to do with your own mod.

      One final question if I may - do you plan on renumbering the remaining routes into the 1xx,2xx & 3xx series? Although I think once the 23 becomes the 123 there's only the 27 left, plus the KI routes?

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    • I'll be renumbering 27 when I figure out what to do with it exactly. But it will be included in the next update for sure. I won't be touching KI routes at this point, there is so many of them, but it would be nice final touch on the mod after I'm done with drivable lines.

    • Good to hear. Thanks for taking the time to reply and again I'm looking forward to the next installment!