EAVT repaint for the Mercedes-Benz O 307 Version 2010 [Build 31798.1 of 2020-10-20]

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Citybus Mercedes O305 (Info)
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This repaint is subject to whatever updates which may be needed.

A classic of the countryside, now in EAVT's classic colours.

This repaint for Perotinus’s Mercedes-Benz O 307 [version 2] is based upon the real-life EAVT’s Mercedes-Benz O 307 used by the Joalto Group-controlled company, more precisely on 7421, a Mercedes-Benz O 307 purchased second-hand from Germany in the 1990s. This bus was still in service as of 2010, but may already have been retired afterwards.

This repaint is for the rollband version of the bus.