NorthWest Studios Care Package 🎄 Christmas Care Package

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A little care package to keep busy before our map release!

! This is not the map release for Aberdeen (Work in Progress) ! Please visit our forum page here on the WebDisk for more information !

NorthWest Studios Care Package

We know it’s been a super long year for everyone and our development team still hasn’t released any OMSI 2 content… Nonetheless, we wanted to take this opportunity to release a small “care package” and say a quick thank you to everyone in the community who has been supportive of our efforts so far! We can’t wait for you to explore the map which we have spent the six months developing. In the meantime, we would like take this chance to say a belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year and get you prepped and ready for the map release!

Included in the Download:

- 11 custom postcards, each with different styles, showcasing various parts of the map.

- 3 custom splash-screen options; two options are preinstalled, but can be easily modified in the ..\OMSI 2\GUI\ folder.


You may find the following links useful if you would like to learn more about the map before its release!

Map Showcase on the forums: [WIP] Aberdeen - North American OMSI 2 Map (Webdisk)

Official Release Channel: NorthWest Studios Development (official website)

Official Discord Server (most up-to-date development news): NorthWest Studios Discord Server (official discord)

Preview Screenshots

  • Christmas Care Package


    - 11 postcard style screenshots of varying styles.

    - 3 custom splash-screens.

    - Information on Beta Release (coming soon!)