Modpack for Berlin X10 pay-ware addon

Supported version of OMSI
OMSI v2.x

-Steering wheel emblem for MAN DL buses -Improved matrix display for MAN DL buses -Option to use modern buses instead of the old MAN EN92 and GN92 -Option to use modern taxis from the Omsi Hamburg add-on

This package contains a pack of modifications for the pay-ware Berlin X10 add-on for Omsi2. Using some of the features require owning other pay-ware add-ons or installing freeware buses.

What is included in this package:

  • Steering wheel emblem for the MAN DL bus which comes with the X10 add-on
  • Optional setup for better matrix display for the MAN DL bus (correct greenish colour and much brighter display as by default)
  • Optional ailists file to replace the old Berlin taxis with newer taxis (Omsi Hamburg pay-ware add-on required)
  • Optional ailists files 7to replace the old MAN EN92 and GN92 buses with more modern buses. The new buses used are MB Citaro, MB Citaro G, MB Citaro L and Solaris Urbino 12 and 18.