MAN NLC English texture mod 1.0.0

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Citybus Family MAN New Lion's City (Info)

An English texture mod for the MAN NLC Add-On

Not wanting to see German language and BVG everywhere, I decided to translate the "drive computer" into English, alongside the signs, stickers and the STOP-screen in the back.

To install it, simply extract the file into the main OMSI directory.

I hope you enjoy the small mod, and of course let me know what you think of it 8o

Btw put the "😆" reaction if it's the best Omsi mod ever made!)


  • Is Scheduled an update for version 1.03?

    • Depends on what could be improved?

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    • on board computer texture

    • Which has already been translated to English. How could it be improved?

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    • there is some little changes to textures in 1.03

    • This pack is also suitable for the 1.03, nothing new to translate, so as of now, I can't make any further updates.

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