Solaris Urbino 15LE Euro6 1.21

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Solaris Urbino 15LE Euro6

It took a little over 6 months to create this thing.

The bus is based on the Solarises that drive in the HSL region.


They are from 2016, and these buses are equipped with a 11-litre DAF MX11 210 engine powered by a ZF Ecolife 6AP1600BS gearbox, as for the doors, the buses have Finnish made Tamware electric doors.

With this pack you'll get a semi realistic version of a Pohjolan Liikenne Solaris U15LE, in HSL colours of course.

There are also 10 repaints for every fleet number, each made individually.

Although the pictures might show the Polish ibis, I've changed it to Atron in 1.2 😄

Remember to read the readme file!

On how to use the IBIS machine, please watch the video down below!

Have a nice drive! :super:

The video:

And of course some pictures.


  • 1.21

    Hi all, I decided to add a small update as I don't have any plans to continue the project as of now. 1.3 was supposed to be a bigger update, so this time I will just push out a 1.21 as I have fixed some bugs long time ago. Do let me know if the update breaks the bus as I have not sent any test versions around!

    Changelog V1.21:

    - Corrected headlight colors (RGB)

    - Parkeon works now! (added also some sounds) Thanks to alesmat1999

    - Fixed paths and pcabins (thanks to alesmat1999)

    - Fixed the flooring near the rear door

    - Fixed the bus and tag axle's physics

    - Updated gearbox behaviour (shifting, gear-ratio)

    - Some possible fixes that have not been listed

    Installing instructions at: README-INSTALLING INSTRUCTIONS V1.21.pdf

  • 1.2.0

    Time for a small update! (Fixed 1.2!)

    If you've made some repaints, please update the changed templates as the updated ones have additional stuff in them ;)


    Changelog V1.2:

    - Added another template to the texture 03_E6.png (wiper area)

    - Enhanced the gearbox constfile

    - Tweaked the engine constfile

    - Made the exterior turbo sound louder

    - Made the AC sounds louder

    - Quietened the braking sound

    - Changed the engine fan's scream coordinates

    - Tweaked the roof hatch rattle sounds

    - Quietened the axle and road sounds

    - Fixed the front lights (did not go automatically into park once engine was turned off like in the real thing)

    - Changed halogen & led colors

    - Fixed left mirror (shading errors, glass)

    - Fixed right mirror (shading errors)

    - Changed IBIS and ticket machine to Atron (video link for short user instructions in read me, HSL skins made Ptterz) :)

    - Added a new texture for them (07.png)

    - Added a small info screen for the driver

    - Moved the cctv screen to where it should be

    - Added glass on the front lights

    - Added a new object under front door

    - Fixed the collisions

    - New setvar for AC (read me)

    - New setvar for making the doors lag sometimes (I think?) (read me)

    - Updated 680's repaint

    - Fixed 687's repaint .cti

    - Lengthened the front door pole

    - Edited the front door

    - Fixed the front door animation

    - Baked several objects and updated the following templates: 03_E6.png, body_wew.png

    - Added more envmap to "wagenkastenmain2.o3d"

    - Made the rain textures look a bit nicer

    - Fixed some small holes within the rear top lights and the rear matrix

    - Made changes to the blinker light constfile

    - Added 5 missing passenger handles

    - Updated read me

    - Added a Parkeon Axio Touch reader, not final in terms of functions

    - Moved some stuff around between a few objects in order to make some illuminations look nicer

  • 1.1.0

    Time for a small update.


    Changelog V1.1:

    - Fixed render order

    - Fixed illuminations

    - Fixed tag axle physics

    - Fixed some passenger positions

    - Fixed the body, windows (some small mistakes might still appear!)

    - Added a blinker clicking sound

    - Replaced the MANfred IBIS sound (sorry MANfred)

    - Added newly modelled roof hatches

    - Added a wheelchair cushion thingy to the middle of the bus with a new texture (, more info from Repainting help.pdf

    - Added an extra emergency hammer

    - Added a missing pole fastener

    - Fixed the floor ("air gaps")

    - Finetuned turbo sounds

    - Added an extra speaker

    - Added a newly modelled interior clock (static)

    - Baked the 3rd door door machinery

    - Enhanced the middle door door machinery

    - Fixed some shading errors in the back of the interior

    - Corrected the front (corners)

    - Changed coordinates of 2 rattle sounds

    - Adjusted ZF Ecolife's and engine fan's sound coordinates

    - Added 3D locks to the interior (front and rear)

    - Added 2 new stickers (updated stickers1.png)

    - Updated the HSL repaints (special thanks to Ptterz!)

    - Changed some rear light textures

    - Divided the cctv cameras to 2 o3d's in order to give them a better illumination

    - Updated the exterior door lights

    - Edited the 03_E6.png template to add the texture of the new clock, removed the texture of the old clock from body_wew.png. Therefore I updated the 03_E6.png and body_wew.png templates

    - Re-baked the PL.png, updated it to the template folder

    - Baked a few more assets

    - Updated read me

    - Updated repainting help

  • 1.0.0

  • What is the eventname for third door button?

  • List of bugs:

    • Backdoor seat (2nd last row on the left) Camera is inside the seat and too low.
    • Backseat camera low.
    • First row seat. Camera too low.
    • 1.21 bug (at lest for me): engine does not start without the use of spamming fix button via alt menu.

    List of Suggestions:

    • Täynä (full) sign what works.
    • make sounds bit louder inside.

    But in other words, It's nice to see a bus from own country.

    + as Finland won, Torilla tavataan! xD

    edit: fixed the version number.

    exit 2: added one more suggestion.

    Thanks 1
  • Hi,

    First of all, i would like to say this mod is great. I don´t know those buses in person, but despite that fact it seems like the real one.

    But I have two problems, unfortunately.

    The first is, how can I enter the line and route to that IBIS? It writes something in Suomi which I don´t understand and I need to enter the line and route with the alt-menu.

    The second, why is the steering so sharp? The bus doesn´t ride like real Urbino 15. The steering wheel has only like one and half circle to the max steer, which is unreal (in my city the basic U15s have like 3 and quarter round), and the bus just does not behave like U15, because the rear axle just steer too much.

    Is it possible to fix it?

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  • Я так и не понял как пин код, его нужно вбить чтобы работал я так понимаю бортовой компьютер


    I didn’t understand how the pin code, you need to drive it to work, as I understand it, the on-board computer

  • Wie kann ich den Fahrscheindrucker auf Deutsch stellen?

    • You can replace the Atron .osc with the one from the BVG Citywide.

  • Very nice model. Why does it say semi-realistic, though? Seems quite accurate to me. :)

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    • Hi, thanks for the praise.

      I have labelled it as semi-realistic as the real ones don't have Atron and some minor details.

  • How do I enter a special destination (ziel)?

    • I'm not sure if that works, hasn't worked with the Atron, not sure if it will be fixed.

  • Hello,

    I use the mouse to drive the bus, and the steering wheel in OMSI is a little slower than my mouse, I know it's a feature, but I don't like it, could you tell me how to improve it?

    Thank you.

    • Hello, sorry for the late answer.

      In the model.cfg find:

























      delay <---------- remove

      7 <---------- these

    • Thank you!

  • Hi thanks for the bus!

    I have a slight problem with the IBIS. I cannot go back to the previous station. However, advancing forward is no problem.

    Can you maybe check that?


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  • Code
    thanks for the bus. very high quality. Tell me, are the sounds recorded from a real bus of the same type? Will there be any more updates that are planned to be made? Thank you
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    • Hello and thanks for the kind words.

      For example the engine sounds are recorded from a Solaris.

      Never had access to the SU 15 LEs and the company won't let people in to their depots, so it's a small problem for me to get any audio material from one. The ambiance sound and the engine idle sound have been recorded from one, the doors are from another bus, but the doors themselves are the same brand and all.

      As for the versions, I haven't started the planned versions yet but a EEV Voith 1-2-0 would be cool to include with the pack. And updates will of course come over time once enough stuff is done.

    • Thanks! I tested it well and tested it a lot. Everything is perfect - sounds, graphics, realism .... I changed only some parameters of the automatic transmission (consfile), it became, in my opinion, more realistic. I took some parameters from consfile vdl lle ( There, the gearbox shifts like in reality.

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  • Is there a way to turn off the doorwarn?

    • Hi, not really no unless you replace the door sounds with other door sounds.

  • Bei mir sieht man den Bus nicht was kann ich machen?

    • Logfile? Installed 1.0 + 1.1 before 1.2?

    • Hat sich erledigt er funktioniert. Hab nur die V1.1 nicht runtergeladen.


    • Yes so you need to download 1.0 first, then 1.1 and finally 1.2. Should work :P

      Have a nice drive!

  • i have some problems with 1.2 uppdate, the bus will not load, i have followed the download intructions

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    • Could you show the logfile maybe?

    • Thanks for reporting the bug. I'm looking forward to re-uploading the 1.2 with the missing stuff.

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  • Fantastic work! Thanks so much for making this. :)

    One observation, the A/C seems to be not working - basically, its not cooling the bus at all.

    Other than that, its fantastically well put together and drives very well.

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    • Hello and thank you for the feedback!

      I've fixed the A/C problem and the fix will be included in the next update (1.2) which I'll release hopefully in a few days.

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    • Awesome. Thanks so much for your excellent work!

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  • Very nice work! Is it actually known that the bus have problems with collisons? I have it at a few spline corners.

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    • Thank you, as for collisions the [boundingbox] should be fine, but I'll take a closer look. Haven't actually tested the bus properly with collisions.

    • Small update: fixed the collision bug

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  • Are the clock and camera montor suposed to work, because mine dosent?

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    • Both are static objects, as for the clock maybe one day it'll work, but the monitor is turned off since it worsens the performance.

    • okay, tanks

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  • I forgot the second thing: The announcements are too quiet. I understand almost nothing, although the driver doesn't sit in a closed cabin.

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  • On the driver's side, right above the windows, is a problem in texturing. So for example vertical stripes doesn't look very vertical --> see "Screenshot for volvorider" at RE: Screenshots - OMSI

    On the door side everything looks fine.

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    • Thanks for the feedback! I'll try to get the body sorted out as best as I can for the next update.

      About the announcements, the Solarises here don't have them on a high level so that's why they are a little quiet, but to fix this go to the sound.cfg and search for the entries:





      0.5 <--- this put to 1





      1 <--- this put to 2



      If it's still too quiet for you, raise one of the numbers once it's good enough.

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  • One thing I noticed: The 3rd axle does not work correctly. The bus drives like an 2-axle bus, the third axle doesn´t change the behaviour of the bus like it does in reallife. Maybe you could fix that?

    Beside that really great work, thanks for sharing it!

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    • Hi and thanks for the comment!

      I have fixed this for the next update which I am planning on releasing either today or tomorrow.

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  • thanks got it working now..

    nice bus

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  • hey

    nice bus. but the bus wont move? ive took the handbrake of and put it into gear but wont go anywhere?


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    • Hello and thanks for the comment.

      First of all check these:

      - Is the bus very low? If so, press the red button on the right side of the dashboard.

      - Are pressures low? If the pressures are low, try giving it a bit of gas and it should get up automatically, if not then use the red button.

      Sometimes you have to use the brake pedal when changing the gear, especially if you've revved it on neutral.

  • Jaahas (Tarjan äänellä!)

    Haha 2