Caio Apache Vip I O500M 1.0.0

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2003 Caio Mercedes-Benz bus with manual transmission and air conditioning

Caio Apache Vip O500M 1725 Euro II

They arrived in 2003, at the start of interligado system, in 25 units.

These buses were a kind of showcase for the new transport system of São Paulo having Air Conditioning as its main differential.

They had 3 doors at the arrival, but the door on center was closed and two doors were added on the other side for use in special corridors.

Other characteristics of these buses were the noise of the compressor and the even louder noise of the engine cooling fan.

A few years later, 20 of them were sold to Viação Novo Horizonte, and some time later they had the air conditioning turned off and the windows were changed.

Technical specs:

Lenght: 13.200 M

External width: 2.500 M

Internal width: 2.350 M

Internal height: 2.140 M

Total height: 3.500 M

Chassis: Mercedes Benz O500M 1725 year: 2003

Motor: Mercedes Benz OM906LA 250CV EURO II electronic PROCONVE P-4

Torque: 900Nm 1200-1600rpm

Transmission: Manual, Mercedes Benz G85-6 6 gears

Capacity: 42 seats and 40 standing


Body: RedJoker, Franklim Magalhaes, Victor Borges, Wallace Machado.

Sound: Marcos Elias, Morphi, Nicolas Marcell, RedJoker.

Chassis and tires: Victor Ortega.

Dashboard: Marcos Elias and RedJoker.

Fonts: Marcos Elias and Ronaldo Aguial Design.

Steering Wheel: Paulo Henrique.

Washer: Gabriel Angelo modified by RedJoker.

Other parts: Dimitrius Caio Vespasiano, Marcos Elias, RedJoker and Victor Natan.

Skins: RedJoker.

Scripts:MR Software, Marcos Henrique (Zane), RedJoker.