Featured MAN Lion's City by V3D Studios

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The new MAN Lion's City from V3D Studios.

MAN Lion's City by V3D Studios

It's been over a year in the running and I think it's time you all got the chance to get your hands on it for yourselves. It's a simple install by copying the contents of the ZIP file to your OMSI 2 directory. Standard HOF files are included but you'll need to add any others.


  • EEV and Euro 6 versions
  • Voith and ZF gearboxes
  • MAN D0836 vertical engine
  • Krueger LED matrix display
  • 2 Doors with automatic operation on rear
  • A selection of realistic demonstrator liveries to choose from (Photoshop repaint templates included)
  • Ster Newcity seating
  • Spheros SC-1000 air conditioning control unit

Please note that there are still some things to finish and those will come in an update. Some of the main textures are high-res and may be a problem on lower-end PCs. To avoid problems make sure you've installed the 4Gb patch to give OMSI 2 more memory to play with.

Don't forget to read the included manual. I've never written one before so hopefully have covered everything and it includes credits to those that have helped me or allowed me to use various parts and sounds.

Enjoy :D


  • MAN Lion's City A21 by V3D - Build 18122016

    This latest version includes Blender files for modders to create their own versions of the Lion's City along with various minor improvements to the bus in general.

  • MAN Lion's City A21 by V3D - Build 20161106 - Repaint Template

    PSD repaint template compatible with build 20161106 for making your own versions of a21_body.png and a21_body_windows.png

  • MAN Lion's City A21 by V3D - Build 20161106 - Berlin X10 Edition

    New improvements in this version:
    * Hopefully improved the performance of the engine and Voith gearbox, plus, ZF has returned now that I feel that it performs as well as possible
    * Dashboard gear display can now count up to 6 (Clever!)
    * Replaced the external LED display with the LCD variant as this seems more appropriate for the EEV version of A21 (Object files remain, just needs coding back in)
    * Optional wheel-arch rubber protectors in CTI file
    * Fixed cab windows not lining up with bodywork
    * Still forgot to add standing passengers... maybe next time, eh.

  • MAN Lion's City by V3D v1.3 FULL VERSION

    A21 changed to A37 due to mistake in identification.
    Updated cockpit textures, inc. dashboard and buttons
    Gear selector on dashboard now animated
    updated torque curve in D0836 engine const file
    Passenger sounds removed (Un-authorised usage)

  • Repaint Pack v1 for MAN Lion's City A21

    Repaint Pack v1 for MAN Lion's City A21 by V3D Studios

    Thanks for downloading the latests repaints for your new buses. Simply install by copying over the contents of the download into your OMSI 2 directory.

    What's Included?

    Real companies -


    * BVG (Dr Herrmann)
    * Deutsche Bahn - Rhein-Nahe
    * Havelbus - Teltow
    * Hochbahn - Hamburg
    * MVG - Munich
    * Wiener Linien - Vienna

    Euro 6

    * BKK - Budapest
    * Hochbahn - Hamburg (Semi-fictional though real on the Lion's City G)
    * RATP - Paris
    * SG Bus - Singapore
    * SMRT - Singapore

    Fictional companies -


    * RVL - Lemmental
    * SLG - Ettbruck

    Hope you enjoy (More to come)

    V3D Studios

  • hi how can i switch on the a21 bus from the almex to the farego

  • Hi,

    If I want to unpack the file: "MAN Lion's City A21 by V3D - Build 20161106.zip" I am getting an error message from Win Rar, do you have a Solution for that problem?

  • It would be absolutely amazing if this could be modded to be all english and a chicago livery as i usually drive the chicago route.

  • Hi,

    gibt es von diesem Bus eigenltich auch eine Gelenk-Variante?

    • in dieser Version hier nicht, aber ich würde dir empfehlen die MAN Lion's City von Sobol Zu downloaden, weil da hast du Unmengen an Verschiedenen Fahrzeugen, mitunter auch Gelenkbusse in Verschiedensten Ausführungen.

      LG Ari :)

  • Nicer Bus. Danke dafür