Repaints v1 for the MAN Lion's City A21 by V3D Studios

The first selection of repaints for the new MAN Lion's City A21 featuring real and fictional liveries for your maps

Repaint Pack v1 for MAN Lion's City A21 by V3D Studios

Thanks for downloading the latests repaints for your new buses. Simply install by copying over the contents of the download into your OMSI 2 directory.

What's Included?

Real companies -


* BVG (Dr Herrmann)
* Deutsche Bahn - Rhein-Nahe
* Havelbus - Teltow
* Hochbahn - Hamburg
* MVG - Munich
* Wiener Linien - Vienna

Euro 6

* BKK - Budapest
* Hochbahn - Hamburg (Semi-fictional though real on the Lion's City G)
* RATP - Paris
* SG Bus - Singapore
* SMRT - Singapore

Fictional companies -


* RVL - Lemmental
* SLG - Ettbruck

Hope you enjoy (More to come)

V3D Studios


  • Repaint Pack v1 for MAN Lions City A21 by V3D