Innovations until 20 December 2020


  • Global
    • Privacy policy was updated
    • System update to Version 5.2.10 of our great community software with some improvements and bugfixes.
    • [Proposal] The WebDisk-Team has decided to inform you more frequently about important changes. You have to activate "Accept emails sent by administrators (incl. newsletter)" in your Privacy settings. Please keep your email address up-to-date! You can change your email in the account management.
    • We disabled registration via Discord to prevent spam accounts. You can still link your account with Discord here after registration.
    • The moderators have been given a new BBCode. Moderation and administrative instructions are now presented in a blue box with an icon. These instructions must be followed, otherwise there may be warnings for disregard. Complaints can be addressed personally to the administration, e.g. via the ticket system.
  • Filebase
  • Filebase (added on 21 December)
  • Wiki
  • Discord
    • If your Discordaccount is linked to the WebDisk account, you get the role "WebDisk User". Your nickname is also synchronized with the name of your WebDisk account.

Fixed bugs

  • Forum
    • [Report] A new post was merged with a deleted post.
    • [Report] Browser freeze after inserting an image.

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Merry Christmas!

The OMSI WebDisk team wishes everyone a Merry Christmas! The WebDisk will remain open over Christmas and the holidays, on the 25th of December a few exclusive downloads from the advent calendar will be unlocked, so be curious!

In the new year, there will be further improvements, including an update of the forum software with many new features. Thank you for your continued support of the OMSI-WebDisk. At the end of the year there will be a review of the year, you will receive another mail. So keep your address up to date ;)

With best regards


on behalf of the OMSI-WebDisk team