Innovations until 14 February 2021


  • Global
    • From now on, a technique called "lazy loading" will be used for images. This means images are only loaded when they are really visible (assuming the browser supports this features). Threads with many images, like the screenshot threads, should now load much faster.
    • [Info] The negative responses have been disabled. We decided to do this because of ongoing problems, more info can be found in the linked message. However, all previous reactions will of course remain, consequently the activity points as well.
  • Team
    • We welcome Hamburg-Harburg as a new expert who joined the team on February 4th. He will take care of wiki articles in addition to helping with (realistic) map building. We welcome him warmly and look forward to a good corporation.
  • Filebase
    • Added repaint categories for "Grand Paris-Moulon" add-on.
    • [Proposal] "Standalone" maps with all additional downloads already included are now marked separately with a label.
    • [Info] [Proposal] Reviews are now also moderated and manually activated by moderators.
  • Discord
    • You can now disable/enable the Among Us round in the "game-roles" channel.

Fixed bugs

  • Due to a buggy update, unfortunately no emails could be sent in the period January 18-20. On January 21, the problem was fixed and all pending mails were sent. We apologize for any inconvenience.
  • Our provider has made a routing adjustment so that Polish users should be able to download at full speed again.
  • As usual various server updates by our technicians.
  • WoltLab Suite 5.2.11 (Changelog)
  • WoltLab Suite 5.2.12 (Changelog)
  • [Report] Fixed a bug in the Dark mode