Innovations until April 18, 2021

New features

  • Global
    • [Discussion] We have adjusted the modder rank: From now on, the status is automatically given from 20 uploaded files and 1000 activity points. Furthermore, the rank is awarded when uploading large modpackages, maps or buses. The FAQ has also been updated.
    • The login via Facebook has been deactivated. Facebook demands too many technical details from us, which we unfortunately cannot implement without considerable effort. All users registered via Facebook are asked to reset their password once.
    • [Suggestion] We have raised the label limit for PNs. Each user now has the possibility to set 15 labels to sort the inbox.
  • Forum
    • There is now a button under posts to directly start a PN with the user.
    • The queries forum has found a new place in the help section
    • In the questions&suggestions forum as well as in the system errors&problems a confirmation has been added and a hint where support requests and help requests concerning OMSI belong.
    • From now on there are no more activity points for the activity in the Offtopic and MOF area. This was a bug that went unrecognized for a long time and has now been corrected.
    • [Suggestion] Introduced topic templates for the support area
  • Discord
    • We have reworked the game area and now offer a possibility for regular game rounds for minigames like Among Us and Gartic Phone. You can find all information in the channel #game-roles.
    • Unfortunately there was an incident in the last weeks where many users were kicked/disconnected from Discord. We hereby apologize to the users to whom this has happened unjustly. Abuse of rights in Discord will be punished and sanctioned by us.
    • We have taken back the right for OMSI modders to kick users. If you have any problems, just ping the team and they will take care of it as soon as possible.
    • There will be more improvements in Discord in the near future, so stay tuned ;)

Fixed bugs

  • [Message] Uploading files was not possible under certain circumstances.
  • [Message] Our spam protection now only starts when the WebDisk is actually under load.
  • [Message] Facebook login was not possible, so it has been disabled completely now. (see above)

Privacy policy

Our privacy policy has been revised.

  • Removed the paragraph regarding registration and the following login via Facebook Connect.
  • Added a (small) addition regarding account linking with Steam and Discord respectively, along with a link to deactivate it (for a complete removal of it).