Mail addresses, double accounts and VPN

Dear users,

our roundmail about the Advent campaigns has made a big splash. We get more and more encouragement from you, which makes the whole WebDisk team happy! Unfortunately, when we send a roundmail to all community members, some of the mails come back, for example due to mail accounts that do not exist (anymore) or full mailboxes. We have to lock user accounts with returning mails! In this case please contact us via the well-known ways (Ticket system (preferred), Contact form or via our mail address).

Keep your mail address up-to-date!

In the user account administration you can change your mail address comfortably. To accept mails from the administration, activate the option "Accept mails from administration". Don't worry! We don't bombard you with newsletters and we don't give your mail address to anybody else according to our privacy policy.

We would also like to remind you that double accounts are also blocked. Contact us if you have problems with your account (see above) and please, don't create new accounts if you have problems with your old one (e.g. if the account has been blocked because of returning mails).

Furthermore the following note will be issued regarding the Advent actions:

Multiple participation in a raffle with double accounts will be sanctioned. According to German law (§ 263 StGB) it can be a matter of fraud.

Everyone should have the same chance to participate in raffles.

As a third and last point, a note on VPN use, especially for our Opera users: Some browsers offer a built-in VPN mode that can be activated by clicking. Do not use any VPN in the WebDisk! The reason for this is that our system recognizes VPN connections as double accounts, since several users share IP addresses. There is no reason to call the WebDisk with a VPN.

Disable the VPN functionality on the WebDisk! Don't use public WiFi access points!

Please also note the information about user accounts below and inform the administration if someone in your household (flat-sharing community, family, ...) also uses a WebDisk account.

Following the rules will save you and the WebDisk team a lot of trouble, so stay fair ;)

With kind regards


on behalf of the WebDisk Team

FAQ: I cannot (any longer) access my account.

This may have several reasons:

  • A permanent blocking of the account due to serious breaches of the rules.
  • A temporary block by moderators or the system.
  • A block due to double accounts (see "What are double accounts").
  • The account has not been activated. When registering, each account must be activated by e-mail. Further information on this can be found in the activation e-mail.

If you think that these reasons do not apply to you, please contact us via the ticket system, an administrator will contact you and explain the reason if necessary.

Do not try to create a second account! Duplicate accounts may be blocked automatically!

FAQ: I have forgotten my password / user name.
FAQ: What are double accounts and why are they blocked?

Each user may only have one account in the WebDisk at any one time in order to ensure equal opportunities in competitions and the like. Any blockings or sanctions may not be circumvented by duplicate accounts.

If a user has several accounts, the duplicate account will be blocked, in serious cases all accounts will be blocked. Should a double account be wrongly identified and blocked (this happens from time to time, e.g. in public WiFi networks or in a household with several people), it will of course be reactivated. Please contact us via the ticket system.

FAQ: I share internet access with several people, what do I need to consider?

Normally several accounts with the same IP address are blocked, as we assume that there is only one user behind an IP address and double accounts are not allowed. If you share an internet access with several people (e.g. in your own family, household, flat share or student residence) and other people also want to use or are already using a WebDisk account, we ask you to send us a message so that your account is not blocked by us.