Only uploading the readme file of a map

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  • Hello everyone!

    Thanks for keeping this game alive! I'm a map creator and in the next weeks I will upload my map here at the WebDisk.

    The problem is, the files needed for the map are all in parts in .rar files and I've seen that you only can upload one file.

    Is it possible to upload the readme file, which contains the links and instructions for a successful installation of the map?


    OMSI will never die! Together we are strong!

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  • Is that ok if I only upload the readme file with all the links and instructions to install the map? Of course I will add photos, description to the post on the WebDisk.

    OMSI will never die! Together we are strong!

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    Umgang mit externen Downloads / How to deal with external downloads

    The community recently decided (by poll) that there should be no external downloads in the forum. Nevertheless, external downloads in the download area (webdisk/filebase) are prohibited. We have pointed this out several times, e.g. in the thread [FAQ] Übersicht - Aktuelle Handhabungen / Overview - Current handling methods

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