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  • Hello,

    at this point a small overview how our handling methods are. First a reference to the original welcome thread (now about 7 years old).

    Where are the forum rules or terms of use?

    Granted, we had written forum rules resp. terms of use a long time ago, but they didn't survive the transfer to the "reboot" (04/2018). Since then, we've been using a healthy dose of common sense (and that goes for both our website and our discord). Everyone should be aware of what is right and what is wrong. In addition, because OMSI is already released from 0 years, it is important to protect minors as far as possible.

    What we do not tolerate in any way are racist, extremist, sexist, (more) insulting, violence glorifying and copyright violating contents.

    If a subforum has its own rules, a separate set of rules is pinned to this forum (which is not given anywhere at the moment). We do not strive to change this; if necessary we will consult the legal regulations and act accordingly.

    How do I become an OMSi-Modder? What are the advantages?

    This rank is currently being upgraded from receiving the trophy "MODs for everyone!" trophy (from 10 entries in our download area). There are also cases, where well-known persons are manually raised to the rank by the administration despite less uploaded MODs.

    This user group has larger limits for file sizes when uploading, but also for conversations. At the same time, this is accompanied by greater responsibility, because on the one hand the team no longer checks these downloads of this group of people for compliance with the rules and on the other hand they can kick members on the discord, - provided the user account is linked to the discord (Control Center > [User Account] Account Management).


    A kick in the discord is only "a short push in front of the door", but not a ban, i.e. the user can actually immediately return to our discord server (so to speak it is only an "expressive admonition"). This way they can give vent to their displeasure when someone "begs" endlessly long for MODs, continues to insist on naming the release date of a MOD in spite of a cease-and-desist letter or simply rapidly changes their tone). Nevertheless, abuse of rights is rewarded with permanent and irrevocable suspension of rank and a temporary WebDisk time-out should be included.


    The community is consulting in the topic The "OMSI Modder" about changing the system!

    Are external download links allowed?

    Here we have to differentiate between our download area and the community forum! Both areas are connected to each other in terms of system technology, but they are still two completely different things.

    Download area

    Here we consistently say no. It must be uploaded with us, external downloads are strictly prohibited. The WebDisk has established itself as a download platform in the last few years and is supported by a large part of the community in its handling. Secure, unlimited and fast; this motto shall remain.

    Community Forum

    Up to now we have also prohibited this, more was discussed in the topic Rules? (questions about the maximum image size and prohibited add-ons).


    How we will handle this in the future, the community advises and decides independently (via pending survey) in the topic Handling external downloads.

    Bei Übersetzungen in die Englische Sprache bin ich gerne behilflich.

    Egal ob Beiträge, Dokus oder anderes was mit der Webdisk oder OMSI (Modifikationen) zusammenhängen.

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