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  • Dear members of the OMSI community,

    we now proudly announce the new expert system in the WebDisk.

    What's this about?

    The user role OMSI Expert refers to particularly knowledgeable users who offer qualitative support and assistance here at the OMSI-WebDisk. The experts have experience with OMSI, know about many troubleshooting tricks, and have accumulated years of solid expertise in the OMSI world - for example by creating their own AddOns, working professionally, or as beta testers.

    The basic goal of the expert system is help for self-help: The experts do not fulfill AddOn-/Mod wishes and only work on projects at their own discretion. There is no obligation for experts to participate in community projects.

    Another goal is to relieve the administration team of the WebDisk: The OMSI experts work independently in the support area and act as moderators. Don't worry! No support requests will be deleted, everyone will be helped as best as possible - that's the claim of the entire support area of the WebDisk. Nevertheless, the support area needs a control instance, for example to ensure compliance with the Guidelines for support requests, to move topics to the right area and to monitor the rules of cooperation. In case of rule violations - which unfortunately cannot be avoided in a large Internet forum - there may also be warnings issued by experts.

    Who are the experts?

    The following experts are currently active:

    Benutzer Fachgebiete
    Chrizzly92 - Modelling in Blender
    - Vehicle creation
    - Scripts
    @cooper - General support
    - Fonts & HOF files
    - Matrix displays (except Krüger++)
    fOcUs04 - General support
    - Map & AddOn installation
    - Logfile analysis
    - Realistic map creation & layout
    - Legal matters regarding 3rd-party-content
    - Software in general & Windows 10
    - The WebDisk platform
    - Sounds & Sound scripts
    Perotinus - Modelling in Blender
    - Vehicle creation
    - General support
    - OMSI Editor & map building (especially timeables & chronology)
    - Map & AddOn installation
    - Intersection construction (with invisible streets)
    - General support
    - OMSI Editor
    - Map & AddOn installation

    How this works?

    The experts are involved throughout the Help&Support area and write answers to threads asking for support or assistance.

    Should a situation arise where files that are not intended for the public need to be exchanged with the expert (e.g. Blender files, complete maps that are under development), the expert will continue support via PM at his own discretion.

    Unwanted requests via PM, email or Discord will be deleted without comment; in the case of multiple unwanted requests there may be warnings or admonitions.

    Why was my post moderated?

    We always try not to embarrass any user and to point out rule violations in a prominent position. Instead, we write a short explanation in the field "Reason for editing" for minor issues. Depending on the theme you have selected, the reason for editing will appear in smaller type below the post. Definitely deleted are attachments that violate copyright law (e.g. attachment of complete folders), knowingly and obviously false support posts that may even cause damage to the system and violations of general cooperation (e.g. insults and hostility). Questions that indicate that the main game or an AddOn was acquired illegally will also be deleted and possibly sanctioned.

    If your post was moderated, you will receive a notification. To get them, it is necessary to set options "Forum: Your post has been moderated" and "Forum: Your thread has been moderated" in the notification settings.

    Can you make my favourite bus / map / mod?

    No. The experts help you to help yourself and do not develop AddOns within the scope of their expert activities. Multiple unwanted requests via PM / email / Discord can result in warnings or admonitions. The experts do not fulfill any mod/ad-on requests!

    Can I also become an expert? How are the experts selected?

    Since - and this is the main difference to the well-known expert system in the OMSI forum - the expert status is combined with moderation rights, only selected users are appointed as experts. An application is not possible. Only the experts decide who will be a new expert. The user role itself is awarded by the administration after a second check. Even the retirement of experts is no reason for applications. In addition, we always try to create a balanced relationship between the special fields, which also limits the selection of possible new experts.

    Apart from the fact that an expert has great expertise - in general or in a certain special field - the previous behaviour (in the community) is taken into account: Does the person have AddOn / Mod projects to show? Has the person provided helpful (!) support in the past? Due to the responsibility resulting from the activity as a moderator, only users who have not attracted negative attention so far will be selected. Counter-examples would be copyright violation, warnings and unfriendliness towards support requests.

    Are the experts paid?

    The experts do not receive any rewards, remuneration or preferential. Like all other team members on the WebDisk, the experts are volunteers. The Expert Team is not obliged to help - everything is on a voluntary basis. Each Expert has a private life in addition to the community activity and has a job. This should be considered.

    Can I also give support if I am not an expert?

    Yes, this is explicitly desired! Anyone who wants to may write articles, give support and assistance and help other users! The "normal" support operation will of course continue. By the way: New candidates for the expert team are identified by qualitative and competent support. - And maybe you are one of the next OMSI experts on this platform.

    Further current information

    We don't close support threads that have been resolved

    ... so that users who have the same problem can still have their say. To mark support threads as "resolved", there is a comfortable function: At the very top below the thread title you can double click on Unresolved, the label will change to Resolved. This status also appears in the thread overview, it is possible to filter unresolved threads. You should also write a short note for posterity, which suggested solution led to the goal. ;)

    Use meaningful thread titles

    The thread title should contain at least the following:

    • Related content (to which commercial AddOn the thread refers, to which map or bus) - in the future this will be solvable with labels. Until this is implemented, we ask you to mention the AddOn in the thread title.
    • One or two keywords that meaningful describe the error.

    "Need help", "Error", "Problem" are not meaningful titles. Better e.g: "Map Y: Invisible wall at train station", "Hafencity: Blue sky", "Bus Z won't start". The title should be not a whole sentence, keywords will do.

    The forum "Questions to the experts"

    ... will be used as a kind of "knowledge database". Important threads with basic questions (see the existing threads) and discussions that we think are relevant for others will be moved there. These threads will remain open: Anyone who wants to can contribute to it.

    Prefer code blocks over spoiler blocks

    Whenever you post a code from OMSI files, use the Code block. This makes it easier to read due to formatting. You don't need to wrap a code block into a spoiler because code blocks are automatically expandable. Use Spoiler blocks only for plain text or Logfile.

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