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  • Changes MAY 24th, 2018

    Hi everybody!

    We won’t do a notification e-mail because of our gtc and privacy policy changes, because we’re sure your inbox is already full of those.

    Starting with midnight, the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) as well as the new version of Germany’s Federal Data Protection Act become law. Therefore we:

    1. Updated our privacy policy

    2. Here is a possibility to download everything we got about your personal data (following the right to information GDPR Art. 20).

    Logged IP-addresses are now deleted after 7 days.

    Further news

    1. You can now login and register using Facebook

    2. We have already implemented login and registration via Steam, but we are currently waiting for Aerosoft to unlock our domain at Steam (that doesn’t allow domains with "msi-" per default).

    That’s it for the moment!

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  • Changes NOV 22nd, 2018


    we're going into the christmas season. A start of the corresponding atmosphere is created in the WebDisk initially starting with the snowfall. - More is comming soon...

    How can i deactivate the snowfall?
    In your personal settings in General (section "Appearance").

  • Changes DEC 16th, 2018

    Hi there,

    the last published news has been a while ago, so there's much more to tell you..

    Changes in our team

    From now on Tatra is in the position as co-leader of our project and takes over all duties and tasks of pBuch. pBuch has barely time for us and our platform because study/career and private life are more important. The webdisk and all associated is only a hobby anyway. We want to thank pBuch for everything; in future he will support us with english translations only (but not this text lol).

    Download: categories and entries

    Recommended downloads

    Each time when you visit our WebDisk we will display two "recommended" downloads randomly. This includes maps and buses, but also popular (very often used) mods like Splines and SceneryObjects.

    Links in postings visually highlighted

    We know that it will take a while to get used to the new layout. In the past it was not possible to keep apart links from regular text.

    Besides we added a intermediate page that will show you (for legal reasons) a hint that you will leave our responsibility and from now on the external website is responsible for data protection and security (for GDPR reasons).

    Level indicator of the mailbox

    Many users do not aware that their quota for conversations is limited. Now there is a visual display that tells you exactly how much space is currently consumed.
    You do not want to see it? Go in your control center > Settings: General and set "Show mailbox level" to NO. Do not forget to save your changes.

    Hashtag overview

    Our Hashtag overview page lists all Hashtags of our platform. When the authors add their entries by regular way and use conform Hashtags (tags which are equal to the mod) than it should give an overview about all equal threads, downloads and more. Please remember that the results are (for load balance reasons) splittet in the 4 different instances of our platform like the article of our help section, downloadable files, threads in the forum and entries in our wiki.

    Profile fields

    Many "OMSI'ans" are also active in the "trucker business" (we mean in Euro Truck Simulator 2 [ETS2] and also American Truck Simulator [ATS]). We added two new profile fields where you link the profiles to World of Trucks and TruckersMP. Maybe a few gamer will find each other and drive together in a convoy.


    • Our domain is no longer avialible by unencrypted way (Port :80). Everything will be redirected to port :443 for security reasons.
      All problems (like session timeout, login problems, etc.) should be eliminated. In case of problems clean your browser cache first at all!
    • We optimized our server environment that the web disk will run with more stability at high traffic.
      (Increased memory_limit to 6 GB; optimized MySQL).
    • Implementing a lot of SEO parts.
  • Moderator

    Changed the title of the thread from “Changes 2018-05-24” to “Changes 2018”.