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    Liebe Community,

    mit ein paar Änderungen an der WebDisk haben wir es geschafft, dass alle externen hochgeladenen und hier verlinkten Bilder nach ein paar Stunden automatisch in der WebDisk hochgeladen werden und somit auch hier integriert werden. Folglich ist es zukünftig völlig egal, ob ihr euer Bild extern oder direkt hier auf der WebDisk hochladet, da im Endeffekt alle Bilder in unseren internen Speicher übertragen werden.

    Dennoch möchten wir aber weiterhin an euch appellieren, dass ihr eure Bilder von vorne herein direkt hier über den Reiter "Dateianhänge & Bilder" (alternativ STRG+C/STRG+V oder "reinziehen") hochladet.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen


    Dear communtiy,

    with a few changes to the WebDisk system, all external images (images that are not uploaded here as an attachment) will be automatically uploaded to the WebDisk after a few hours and thus also integrated here. In future, it will make no difference whether you upload your image externally or directly here on the WebDisk, as in the end all images will be transferred to our internal memory.

    However, we would still like to appeal to you to upload your pictures directly here via the tab "File attachments & pictures" (alternatively CTRL+C/STRG+V or "drag in").

    With kind regards


    Chère communauté,

    Avec quelques changements dans le système WebDisk, toutes les images externes (images qui ne sont pas téléchargées ici comme pièce jointe) seront automatiquement téléchargées sur le WebDisk après quelques heures et donc également intégrées ici. À l'avenir, le fait que vous téléchargiez votre image en externe ou directement ici sur le WebDisk n'aura aucune différence, car toutes les images seront transférées dans notre "mémoire interne".

    Nous vous invitons toutefois à télécharger vos images directement ici via l'onglet "Fichiers joints et images" (alternativement CTRL+C/CTRL+V ou "glisser-déposer").

    Cordiales salutations

    Dear users,

    we would like to bring you up to date:

    With today's move of the wiki articles to the new wiki categories, one of the last milestones of the entire restructuring has been completed.

    Only one single point is still missing:

    Quote from James

    There will also be a uniform set of rules.

    We hope that all the changes of the last weeks and months have contributed a big part to a better overview on the webdisk! :)

    Thank you very much for your continued loyalty!

    Your WebDisk Team

    Dear users,

    we also change the way in which announcements are published. We will no longer use the announcement forum, but instead expand the article system so that all important information can be cound there in the future. You may have noticed that the forum is not optimal for multilingual announcements (Opening a single thread for each language is a lot of work for the administration and confuses the users who are multilingual).

    All further information can be found here, in the new area. We hope that the changes will help you to find important information faster and also help beginners to find their way around this complex platform.

    Now there is finally a FAQ section with many important questions and answers about the WebDisk platform itself.

    With kind regards


    Dear Community,

    I would like to inform you that we have introduced a controlled upload for the normal users and the OMSI modders.

    This is mainly to prevent abuse with files. As many of you have noticed, there have been a lot of illegal uploads in the past.

    This is now prevented with this measure.

    We had hoped not to introduce this measure, but it seems that with the current size of the webdisk it is not possible any more.

    With kind regards


    Innovations until 18 October 2020

    New on the WebDisk

    Bug fixes

    Current polls

    Innovations until 11 October 2020

    New features

    Bug fixes

    Current polls

    Dear users,

    the WebDisk team is finished with the new categorizations faster than expected! A very special thanks goes to Schleswig-Holstein and Lµkas, for this. Within one week they have dealt with the administration area of our forum software, created the new areas, set rights and finally moved all existing topics from the old forums to the new ones.

    A small summary:

    • Polls are now published more prominent in a special created Poll forum. You can subscribe to the forum with the following button at the top right bar and never miss a new poll again:
    • The Support area is the new central contact point for support requests of all kinds.
    • Everything from and for developers is located in the new Help area. You may already know the division from the Official OMSI Forum.
    • In the new Freeware area developers present their projects, both WIP projects and completed downloads. In addition, there are new support collection threads for maps, vehicles & Co.
    • There also is a Repaint area. Please take care not to open a thread for every single repaint, but to follow the idea of collecting threads. This means, that this area is basically meant for users who have made many repaints and want to list them separately, e.g. by license plate number or city.

    Feedback to the new categories is welcome! Please take part in the survey!

    Within the next days we will continue with the second phase as planned. But this does not require any major changes, so the forum and the download area will remain open during the whole time.

    With kind regards

    James, on behalf of the WebDisk administration team

    Now that we've already started with the first subforums during the first night, we can now ceremonially open the new area! :cork:

    Over the weekend, the remaining threads will also move. Please note that temporary closures in the old areas during the weekend may also lead to restrictions during the day. The community area will remain open the whole time.

    Subforums that have already moved completely will remain closed until they are finally deleted.

    From now on you are welcome to explore and fill the new subforums!

    Dear Community,

    Last Tuesday, 29th September 2020, our co-project manager Tatra had to resign.

    Unfortunately, over the last few months, the WebDisk has not worked as well as we had expected. Due to various private problems and changes, Animex and Wörki's time has been very limited in recent months, so Tatra has had to manage the WebDisk alone. This has resulted in an overload, which has led to a number of bad decisions, both internally and in terms of external communication, which is inexcusable. In the light of these elements, several unfortunate events have occurred. Many things could indeed have been done differently, which would most probably have prevented this situation.

    We would therefore like to sincerely thank Tatra for its support of WebDisk over the last few years. Whether you spent several nights for an Advent calendar or took care of the general life of the forum! Your excellent work on the wiki should not go unnoticed, which will make people enthusiastic about OMSI in the coming years.

    The question now is how to continue. We have decided to make a kind of fresh start and have made various changes in the team :

    - CSP Animex becomes Co-Project Manager.

    - The vacant position of mediator is filled by r2d2_2.

    - Lµkas and Schleswig-Holstein complete the team as co-administrators.

    With this team, we will now proceed and work step by step, which has been done in part over the last few months. We are going to draw up a uniform set of rules, which should simplify many things. Therefore, from now on, "Equal rights for all" will apply. We also want to involve the community through various surveys and respond to wishes and suggestions. We will also discuss criticisms and give all users the opportunity to talk to us openly.

    We wish everyone a successful and positive new start.

    With our best regards

    The WebDisk team


    i will adjust and change the rights a little bit in the next minutes. Please don't be surprised if this may lead to some restrictions from time to time.

    I will inform you here after completion.

    Please be patient :)

    Greeting S-H

    Edit: Work is done

    Dear users,

    in the next days there will be some changes on this platform. You surely expect the announced new categories already. Now the time has finally come: The forum will be reworked! As this can't be done all at once, we are planning the restructuring in several phases, which will be worked through one after the other and will affect the daily business to different degrees.

    The team of OMSI experts and the administration has been working together in the last few weeks to develop a detailed concept and prepare everything so that the restructuring can take place during ongoing operations. The alternative would have been to close the platform for days or even weeks, which is of course out of the question.

    Phase 1: Forum

    The current categorization in the forum is based on the fact that the WebDisk used to have a small community. Since the closure of the MOF, however, we have seen a sharp increase in the number of users and thus much more community activities, topics and posts. The old structure was no longer up to this. We are planning the following concrete measures:

    • Better sorting of forum categories
    • setting up collective threads for commercial AddOns and reworking the "Commercial DLCs" section
    • Support forum as a central point for all requests for help from players
    • Help forum as new central contact point for developers seeking help, with various subcategories
    • Freeware area, where you can present your WIP and completed projects. This area is also explicitly intended for discussion threads, because the comment system in the filebase cannot be a complete replacement for a thread.
    • Minor changes in the community area
    • Introducing labels, which makes sorting, filtering and finding threads much easier. A small foretaste of this can be found at the Questions&Suggestions forum.

    During the restructuring we unfortunately have to limit your access temporarily to avoid conflicts. It is possible that during the measures your threads or posts are no longer visible, are moved or you can no longer write posts. After the restructuring, however, everything should be available again as usual.

    Please don't report threads or posts concerning wrong areas during the restructuring. We are doing our best to get the forum, the heart of the community, back into full operation as soon as possible.

    As soon as it starts, we will inform you here, in this thread.

    Phase 2: Wiki & FAQ

    Besides the forum and download portal there are other areas which are slightly revised. We are currently discussing how we can extend the Wiki, e.g. by adding new categories and instructions. We will also establish a forum-wide FAQ to replace the numerous announcement threads. Be curious about this feature! There will also be a uniform set of rules. Don't worry! We still follow a liberal philosophy, but the previous rules cannot be found centrally, which makes it difficult, especially for beginners, to get a foothold here in the WebDisk.

    Phase 3: Download portal (outlook)

    Also the categories in the download portal lead again and again to confusion and contain double entries. We would like to dedicate ourselves to this in the medium term. In view of the mass of entries we are still in the planning phase. Further information will follow after the completion of phase 1 and 2.

    We are pleased that you are using OMSI WebDisk to provide content for the community.

    Best regards,

    Lµkas (Co-Administration)

    Dear users,

    today a new rule comes into effect that simplifies the packing of archives and provides clarity about the folder structure that is required of you when you upload files. We want to remove the confusion about different OMSI paths (see discussion).

    Uploaded archives may now also start directly with the subfolders!

    Your archives may now be structured as follows:

    • [Name].zip > OMSI 2 > Vehicles > MB_O530 > ...
    • [Name].zip > Vehicles > MB_O530 > ...
    • Of course you are free to use other formats (.7z, .rar). We recommend the free program 7-zip, which can handle many archives and also provides good compression rates when packing archives.

    The following structure is still not allowed:

    • [Name].zip > MyMod > OMSI 2 > Vehicles > ...
    • [Name].zip > MyMod > Vehicles > ...

    We would like to thank you, who help other users and provide content! :heart:

    Best regards

    Lµkas - Co-Administration

    Do you have a query? Is something not clear? Then answer to this thread!
    Do you have another suggestion for the WebDisk, the forum or the Wiki? We accept questions and suggestions here.

    Dear users,

    Please note the changed rules, which refer to the community vote, regarding foreign links.

    • Images must be uploaded in the WebDisk under "Attachment & Images" (instructions). Older contributions should therefore be revised. Contributions with dead links will be deleted without comment. Please take care in time if you don't have the pictures on your computer anymore.
    • Foreign links are prohibited if the upload is done by yourself. If you want to present your own projects here, you should use the WebDisk as a download portal. Third party links from third parties over which you have no influence or no rights to upload new content (e.g. required additional content for your uploads, additional repaint packs or extensions) remain allowed as long as the link does not lead to pages with illegal content.
    • Links to the MOF are allowed, but it is best to ask the owner if he wants to upload his content to the WebDisk. Otherwise your work will be lost when the MOF is switched off.
    • Avatars, with flashing or flashy avatars, have to be replaced, otherwise the avatars will be blocked by the admins.
    • Signatures should be small and unobtrusive. Large pictures, extensive text, conspicuous color schemes or numerous links are prohibited. Also links to social networks or own discord servers are prohibited. Signatures that violate these requirements will be blocked.

    In the near future, there will be no warnings yet. Should a user permanently violate them, sanctions will follow.

    Werte User.

    Zuerst einmal, möchten wir uns (die Administratoren) recht herzlich bei allen Usern bedanken, die an der Abstimmung teil genommen haben. Somit werden wir künftig folgendes umsetzen:

    1. Bilder zu Hostern aller Art, sind untersagt. Gibt aber nicht sofort Sanktionen bei Verstößen. Wir weisen darauf hin und wenn es nicht geändert wird, wird der Beitrag gelöscht.
    2. Signaturen bleiben erlaubt, solange diese unauffällig und klein sind (Signaturen der Experten ausgeschlossen).
    3. Animierte Avatare bleiben erhalten, solange die nicht blinken oder störende Bildwechsel haben.

    Die Abstimmung ist somit beendet. Danke für eure Teilnahme und eure Entscheidung. Die nächste Entscheidung kommt.

    Regeln für Signaturen

    Sollte es eurer Meinung nach Regeln für das Einbinden von Signaturen geben?

    Einige User haben mehrzeilige Signaturen, die teilweise störend wirken oder große Bilder drin. Daher sollt ihr entscheiden, wie wir dieses künftig handhaben werden. Hier gibt es auch wieder mehrere Möglichkeiten die entsprechenden Vorschläge umzusetzen. Bitte nehmt euch etwas Zeit und beantwortet auch diese Frage.

    Signaturen der @OMSI-Experten bleiben allerdings erhalten und schließen sich aus dieser Umfrage aus.

    Nervige Avatare

    Hier bei geht es um Avatare und Signaturen in der WebDisk. Es gibt eine B´Debatte um nervige Avatare, die einige User vom Text ablenken. Daher sollt ihr entscheiden, ob wir diese weiterhin zulassen sollen oder ob ihr diese lieber nicht haben möchtet. Es geht Dabei wirklich um auffällige Avatare, die blinken oder sonstwie auffallen. Hier könnten wir entweder die GIF-Bilder für die Avatare generell oder für bestimmte Nutzergruppen umstellen.

    Zudem sollten wir Regeln, diebezüglich festlegen die die künftige Handhabung regeln.

    Da es eure Entscheidung ist, bitten wir euch, um eine rege Teilnahme. Die Admins wollen ein Forum bieten, das nach euren Wünschen gestaltet wurde und nicht von uns festgelegt wird.

    Umfrage zu Bildern und nervigen Avataren.

    Da sich die Debatte, um den Bilderupload beruhigt hat, wird es Zeit, die Community entscheiden zu lassen, wie wir künftig damit umgehen möchten. Daher sollt ihr abstimmen, wie es hier künftig gehandhabt werden soll.

    Hierbei geht es um Bilder die auf externen Hostern hochgeladen und hier verlinkt werden. Die WebDisk beitet bereits einen intergrierten Bilderupload und die Bilder können direkt eingebunden und auch extern verkinkt werden.

    Es geht also darum, ob in Vorstellungsthreads, Showrooms oder anderen Forenbereichen, die einbindung von Bildern, die extern hochgeladen werden, hier eingestezt werden dürfen oder nicht.

    Vorteile bei externen Hostern:

    - Bilder lassen sich leicht verwalten und können komplett, mit einem Klick gelöscht werden.

    - Beiträge aus anderen Simulationsforen können ohne Aufwand direkt hierher kopiert werden.

    - Man kann zahlreiche Bilder auf einmal einstellen.

    - Man kann auf andere Foren verlinken oder auf eigene Seiten. Eigenwerbung

    - Keine Kontrollmöglichkeit der Administratoren oder Moderatoren auf Urheberrecht.

    Nachteile bei externen Hostern:

    - Bilder verschwinden irgendwann, womit die Beiträge nutzlos werden und gelöscht werden müßen, wodurch auch Support-Informationen verloren gehen können.

    - Bilder müßen erst mit einem Klick freigeschaltet werden.

    - freigeschaltete Bilder müßen beim Seitenaufruf erst geladen werden (Belastung von Traffic und Speicher - besonders auf mobilen Geräten).

    - Bilder werden nicht automatisch skaliert.

    - Nicht freigegebene Bildzeichen stören den Lesefluß.

    - Bilder werden nicht vom System platzsparend komprimiert gespeichert.

    Dementsprechend werden wir künftig einen Bilderupload von ausserhalb untersagen oder wie gehandhabt zugelassen. Die Verwendung von externen Quellen in der Omsi-Wiki oder in der Filebase bleiben davon unberühert. Diese sind weiterhin nicht erlaubt.

    Zudem könnt ihr hier über eventuelle Vorschläge zur Handhabung schreiben und weitere Vorschläge dazu machen.

    Nachfolgend gibt es noch weitere Umfragen zu Bildern. Alle Umfragen enden am: Sonntag, den 5. Juli 2020 um 23:59 Uhr.

    Ende der Abstimmung - kommen wir zu den Gewinnern!

    Aerosoft bietet jedem Gewinner einen Key für den brandneuen BUS Mechanic Simulator.

    Die Entscheidung dafür ist uns nicht leicht gefallen. WIr haben zusätzlich CSP Animex und Wörki Frau um eine Abstimmung gebeten. Und da wir uns nicht richtig entscheiden konnten, gibt es mehr Gewinner, als nur 3.

    An diesem Punkt möchten wir Administratoren, einen recht herzlichen Dank an Aerosoft richten, die unser Auswahlverfahren freundlicher Weise gekürzt haben.

    Aerosoft hat unsere Quahlen erkannt und für den Platz 3, haben wir nun insgesamt drei Gewinner.

    Platz 3: gehen an

    Einsamer_Wolf86 für sein Bild vom MAN Lions City

    NickNick für sein Bild vom MAN ÜL 272 von Perotinus

    der_Nik_ für sein Bild vom MAN A21 von Sobol

    2. Platz: geht an

    Brogamer34 mit einem Bild von einen MAN A 20 Ü

    1. Platz: geht an

    Der erste Platz geht an:

    Tarik K. für sein Screenshot vom MAN LC A37.

    Alle Gewinner werden in den nächsten Tage via PM angeschrieben und bekommen dann ihre Steam-Keys.

    Aerosoft und die Administratoren bedanken uns recht herzlich bei allen Usern die mitgemacht haben und wirklich tolle Screenshots zur Abstimmung gestellt haben.

    Im Namen von Aerosoft, Wörki , CSP Animex und Wörkis Frau möchten wir allen Gewinnern unsere Glückwünsche übermitteln.

    Aerosoft und die WebDisk, bieten Euch ein Gewinnspiel, an dem jeder teilnehmen kann.

    Was ist zu tun?

    Sendet uns im Discord-Kanal "#screenshot-contest" eure 3 schönsten Screenshot`s von euren MAN-Bussen. Es gibt keine Beschränkung wegen Repaints. Auch die Map ist euch überlassen. Kurze kleine Info - Bustyp - Map - Repaint.

    Bedingungen: maximal 3 Bilder. Nur richtige Screenshots, keine Handybilder! Und das Bild muß von euch gemacht worden sein.

    Und nur Busse vom Typ: MAN

    Das Repaint muß nicht von euch sein.

    Und jeder User darf auf dem Discord-Channel nur höchstens 3 Bilder posten.

    Start: Sonnabend um 0 Uhr und

    Ende: Montag 0 Uhr.

    Ihr habt also 48 Stunden Zeit.

    Die Screenshots werden dann von @Fabian [Aerosoft] , Wörki und Tatra angesehen und die 3 besten Bilder gewinnen.

    Was ihr gewinnen könnt?

    Aerosoft präsentiert Euch den neuesten Simulator im Programm:

    Nur wer mitspielt, kann auch gewinnen: 3 Keys für den Bus Mechanic Simulator!

    Nun wünschen wir euch maximalen Spaß und erstellt, die für euch allerschönste Szene.

    Wir drücken allen, die mitmachen, die Daumen.