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  • Changes JUN 24th, 2019 & Two-Factor-Authentication (2FA)

    Hello together,

    for half a year it was very quiet, but there was nothing worth mentioning. Now it's time to get back to work:

    Adding of new downlaods

    Two-Factor-Authentification (2FA) / Two Step Verification

    To protect your account it's from now on possible to use the Two Factor Authentication (via TOTP). You only need an authenticator app from an app store like
    - Google Authenticator for Android or
    - Authy for iOS/Mac.

    In your Control Center, in the area User account inside Account Management (at the bottom), you can activate and deactivate it.
    Important: Save your backup codes locally (e.g. on a paper at your corkboard)! ;)

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  • Changes OCT 13th, 2019

    Hello together,

    due to new released DLCs and therefor prerequisite commercial extensions for MODs, but also for categorism of repaints, we did the following changes:

    [Modder] Adding new downlaods

    In selection for "Prerequisite commercial expansions" added:


    Added new repaint categories:

  • Moderator

    Changed the title of the thread from “Changes 2019-06-24 & Two Factor Authentication” to “Changes 2019”.