Aberdeen (fictional Map)

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  • Hello! I am another developer for the Aberdeen map. Here are some more progress pictures.

    Convention Center looking northeast towards a crowded parking lot

    Convention Center looking southeast towards the dome theater (incomplete)

    Looking south towards the convention center

    A different part of the city! Norman Street looking towards Pacific Central Station

    Norman Street looking north towards Pacific Central Station (missing a few mini details, gonna be fixed soon)

    I'm excited to deliver a quality North American map for the community!

    Continuing development and progress on more parts of the map! Took the ADL Enviro 400 around the city -- some things need to be altered, for example, some signs are too low and thus clip into the top of the vehicle. However, the bus still manages to squeeze below the traffic lights at most intersections!

    We have been hard at work, creating a completely new area recently. Screenshots to come next week!