AddOn Wien: Windows 10

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  • Good morning/afternoon/evening,

    I'd like to buy in Amazon the Add-On Wien 2, but he say me that's only copatible with Windows 7 and previous, so is the description mistaken, or it's true?

    It may seem obvious that it's a mistake, but before buy I want to be sure at 100%..

    Thanks in advance to who will answer me.

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  • I think it's also compatibility with Windows 10, but I'm not sure.

    Actually, there's no reason why Wien should be incompatibillity with Windows 10 (home/pro).

    I ♥ Citaro.

  • Ok, thank you!

    Better to be silent and look stupid, rather than talking and remove all doubt.

    (In the original language sounds better that english, but the concept is the same ...)


  • Moderator

    Changed the title of the thread from “System compatibility” to “AddOn Wien: Windows 10”.