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  • Dear users,

    Please note the changed rules, which refer to the community vote, regarding foreign links.

    • Images must be uploaded in the WebDisk under "Attachment & Images" (instructions). Older contributions should therefore be revised. Contributions with dead links will be deleted without comment. Please take care in time if you don't have the pictures on your computer anymore.
    • Foreign links are prohibited if the upload is done by yourself. If you want to present your own projects here, you should use the WebDisk as a download portal. Third party links from third parties over which you have no influence or no rights to upload new content (e.g. required additional content for your uploads, additional repaint packs or extensions) remain allowed as long as the link does not lead to pages with illegal content.
    • Links to the MOF are allowed, but it is best to ask the owner if he wants to upload his content to the WebDisk. Otherwise your work will be lost when the MOF is switched off.
    • Avatars, with flashing or flashy avatars, have to be replaced, otherwise the avatars will be blocked by the admins.
    • Signatures should be small and unobtrusive. Large pictures, extensive text, conspicuous color schemes or numerous links are prohibited. Also links to social networks or own discord servers are prohibited. Signatures that violate these requirements will be blocked.

    In the near future, there will be no warnings yet. Should a user permanently violate them, sanctions will follow.


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