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  • Dear users,

    today a new rule comes into effect that simplifies the packing of archives and provides clarity about the folder structure that is required of you when you upload files. We want to remove the confusion about different OMSI paths (see discussion).

    Uploaded archives may now also start directly with the subfolders!

    Your archives may now be structured as follows:

    • [Name].zip > OMSI 2 > Vehicles > MB_O530 > ...
    • [Name].zip > Vehicles > MB_O530 > ...
    • Of course you are free to use other formats (.7z, .rar). We recommend the free program 7-zip, which can handle many archives and also provides good compression rates when packing archives.

    The following structure is still not allowed:

    • [Name].zip > MyMod > OMSI 2 > Vehicles > ...
    • [Name].zip > MyMod > Vehicles > ...

    We would like to thank you, who help other users and provide content! :heart:

    Best regards

    Lµkas - Co-Administration

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