missing place in the map

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  • Hello, I am writing here because while playing on the map, there are several holes in the map and therefore I do not know how to drive correctly ...
    After using '' maptools '' to find out if there are any missing objects in the map, I noticed that only this was missing: Sceneryobjects\Leitplanke\crash_barrier.sco

    Could you help me please ?
    Thank you !!

    ALHEIM V4 !!!

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  • Hello,

    the first one has to be this one: https://forum.omnibussimulator…planke-1-0-crash-barrier/

    In Sceneryobjects\Ahlheim4_Objekte\ is a "Lierach_Objects" folder. You have to copy it into the root of Sceneryobjects.

    I hope this helps!

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